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by kirito
Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #2216684
Justin is coming and you end up in weird situation
It's now 7p.m, when you finished working you watched T.V to wait for Justin to come, Theo have been really nice with, even if sometimes he teased you with some burst or threated to put you in his underwear until you accepted to say that his hot and even if your straight you must admit that his cute face and his well formed body make him hot. You hear someone knock at the door.
“It must be Justin, so remember if you need anything text cause I won’t be able to hear you without the phone and be careful in my pocket, you don’t want me to sat on you or worse Justin to sat on you” he laughs a bit
“I'm not sure he’s the worse, you smell really bad” you mimic a puke
“Well he won the most of ours fart contest but I can place you on his seat if you want to compare” he grins meanly
“No, no that’s good” he smiles as he places you gently in his pocket. He hangs off the phone. As he walks you slip deeper in his pocket, there is a slight odor of sweat and… dry cum cause you’re near of his crotch but it’s not too disturbing even if you would have preferred a better smell.
“Hey Theo, look what I bring, your favorite burritos extra spicy, get ready to gas up this place! ” Justin yells as he comes inside
“With that and the eggs I ate at lunch, my room will be a giant Dutch oven” he laughs but you start to regret your decision
“And of course I have some beer too” adds Justin
“Nice get upstairs I will bring the Vodka” he walks to his kitchen and get you out and call you
“Are you comfortable inside?”
“Yeah, it’s smell like sweat and cum but that’s cool”
“Cool, I hope you will be alright” he take a bottle in his fridge when you hear Justin going down the stairs, Theo don’t have time to put you in his pocket so he place himself in front of you, you face directly his back and you’re just above his crack. Justin comes closer so you need to hide and Theo must have think the same thing as he pushes you to the edge, you’re pretty sure that he whispers “Sorry” as you fall in his crack.
This is a nightmare, he involuntarily hot-dogs you, you try to climb but the sweat makes you slip deeper and you get tangled in his hairs. As he walks you are rubbed against each cheek and you are covered in sweat, luckily you aren’t deeper enough to get shit cause you can tell by the smell that he doesn’t wipe very well. Suddenly you’re pushed deeper, your face is pushed against his hole and unfortunately you were right, he has some problems wiping his ass. You are suffering enough when Prrprrrprrrrpr, visibly the pressure on his hole makes it react and you are in first row, for your displeasure. The stench burst your nostrils and your throat and your eyes tear up, it’s a real torture. Furthermore the smell is trap in his underwear, you hope that he didn’t do that on purpose cause you started to trust him.
“You bastard this was a good one” you hear Justin says laughing and coughing, if only he knew what you’re living being baked in this stinky Dutch oven.
“Well you search for it, Justin” he says laughing, making his cheeks vibrate “because of you I have to use the bathroom” visibly it’s not his idea to push you. As he walks upstairs you’re rubbed against his cheeks and pushed deeper, you almost enter inside but fortunately you manage to stay outside.
He runs to his bathroom and locks the door, he quickly gets you out, puts you on the sink's border and calls you
“I'm so sorry Max, are you ok?”
“No I’m not!! What happened downstairs? I almost got suck up by your ass and your fart could’ve killed me” you yells to him and you notice that he refrains a laugh
“It’s not my fault” he says with a malicious smile “When I walked next to Justin he put his finger up my butt, we always do that and it often makes me fart”
“Well I start to regret staying with you” you tease him
“I can give you to Justin if you prefer but I’m not sure he will keep you in his pocket” he smiles maliciously
“Ok I understand, you’re my best option” you both laugh
“I guess that after being rub in my crack and against my hole, you might want to bath”
“Yeah that’s a good idea cause smelling like your fart isn’t pleasing”. He turns on his faucet and lets some warm water fill the sink and adds some soap. You want to take off your clothes but Theo is still staring you.
“Could you please turn around while I get naked?” you says shyly
“Of course” as he turns you notice that he blushes. You enter in the sink, you were put your phone next to you so you can still talk to him.
“You can turn now if you want, the bubbles hide me” he turns back and looks at you in your bath, he kneels to be at your level
“You know it’s too bad this was such a bad experience cause, it felts great having you in there” he winks at you with a cocky smile, you don’t know if he jokes but you prefer being clear
“This was horrible for me so don’t even think to put me back there” you really start to doubt of his attention but he laughs so you think that it was only a joke. While you bath, he takes you clothes and washes them and dries them
“It’s useless for you to bath if your clothes are drenched in my ass sweat” he says as he puts them next to you. You had forgot Justin when you hear someone knock
“Hey what are doing in here Theo?, the burritos are done and I already drank a beer so come here” Justin yells impatiently
“Yeah I’m coming I was taking a shit” he tells that with an immature smile and rips a fart to prove his point but this time he does that away from you.
“C’mon it’s time to get out of your bath, a party calls me” he holds you a towel, you get out and he seizes you and dries you gently in it. You dress and he place you back in his pocket
“Max, I will have to hang off my phone but I will text you, and you should put on your earphones to use your phone even if you’re in a difficult situation” he hangs off and you balance at the rhythm of his steps. When he opens the door you feel something pushing against his leg and prrrrrrrrrrrrrr an horrible stench hits, as it comes from the front you guess that it’s Justin and you admit that his farts are the worst.
“This one was really wet, you should check your underwear” you hear Theo says laughing at Justin
“Don’t worry they can’t get any worse” those guy disgust you.
As the party continues they keep farting while they play some video games, the air starts to be contaminated with their stench but it’s still bearable, but the heat increases too and Theo start to sweat and you can smell it. Suddenly you’re seized by Theo and he puts you on his bed in front of his face as he’s sitting on the floor you notice that he wears an earpiece
“Hey Max, hope your alright in there?” he tells and you smell the alcohol in his breath, they didn’t stop to beer visibly
“Yeah but it would be better if you calm down with the farts because the stench start to become too strong and the heat unbearable” you beg
“Ah sorry but we haven’t finished our burritos and beans and the fart contest is planned for later so get used to the smell and for the heat, well take off you shirt, like me” that’s when you notice that he’s shirtless and that is covered in sweat “And I find my earpiece, it’s small enough to not get his attention so I’ll be able to hear you no matter what” he smile friendly at you
“Thank you Theo, I owe you so much for taking care of me” you says sincerely
“Well there is something that you can do to help me” he says excited “My balls are itchy and I can’t find the right spot”
“No I can’t this too gross” you respond shocked
“Please you don’t want to let a friend suffer from an itch” he looks at you sadly
“Fine but as soon as your itch is gone you get me out” you agree to help him
“Thank you Max, you’re really cute you know” he rubs your hairs with his finger and smiles nicely, then he seizes you and brings you inside of his boxer, he puts you under his balls and leave here. It’s hairy and really moist, you start to scratch everywhere
“That’s here, keep scratching here, oh yes that’s good” he sighs satisfied “Ok you can stop, I'll pick you up” with that he seizes you and gets you to his face “Thank you again” he kisses you and his lips cover your whole face
“You’re welcome but please don’t do that again”
“What? Putting you with my balls or kissing you?”
“Both, the first one is humiliating and the second one is disturbing” you respond frankly, as he’s drunk you don’t want to hurt him
“Fine I’ll only rubs you hairs then” he doesn’t seems offended. You heard the flush
“Justin is coming back” he puts you back in the pocket “We will play truth or dare so be careful it will get rough”
“Who are you talking to Theo” you hear Justin says as he gets out of the bathroom
“Nobody” respond Theo but this wasn’t convincing
“Tell the truth or else” you hear him and you take your head out of the pocket, you can see Justin bends in front of Theo and pushes his ass against his face
“Jeez, did you ever wipe” Theo sounds disgusted and amused at the same time
“And this isn’t the worse, I have some gas asking to be let out so speak” Justin threats
“Alright I’ll tell you, just get your ass off of my face” Justin moves and sits next to him, you go back in your pocket to avoid being seen “I was talking to Max, about our team project”
“Oh you were flirting, you should’ve told me” Justin laughs
“Shut up I wasn’t flirting and if you keep saying crap you will smell mine, am I clear?” Theo threats him by pointing his ass at him. You really start to think that Theo might want to be more than a friend.
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