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Leaving the world behind, relaxation with a Sunday Drive.


Gassed up the car,

shades on my face.

Key in the ignition,

ready to explore the world.

Long roads, short turns.

Short tours on the side of the road.

CD 's with my driving music,

perhaps, next time I'll do a playlist.

If you insist go ahead first,

I'm driving for fun.

I don't mind traffic; this drive prefers back roads.

Winding, twisting and turning pavement.

The world is undiscovered, not today though.

I am on my way!

No strife, no gripes, just a clear mind.

No lover in sight,

just me and the open road.

An observer, an admirer of Gods work.

The other half of the Universe, God sure is beautiful.

Such beauty, how light casts it's shadow.

How the sky appears brighter nowhere.

As I gaze and sketch trees and landscapes,

in my mind, I escape.

The toll of life is located somewhere--

not visiting there today.

Cows, horses, ponies, cats, birds, etc.

Who knew that no rush could be pleasant?

What happened to Sundays?

The day of rest, a day of reflection.

I observed this on my Sunday drive.

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