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Fighting severe dissociation. (This item is in editing.)
Mirrors abound on every sound
That may slip from the drip.
Mercury slithering to ground,
Sliding down from the walls around.

Reflections vary from doom to gloom,
From color to chrome, from magic to norm,
Mercury is poisonous, have you known?
Mirrors abound at my feet pools form.

I look down at my lack of self,
And feel the shivers come up to my belt.
The me in the floor laughs at my plead,
As I struggle to reform myself in speed.

Hands splash into surrounding mirrors,
no, pools,
and sink in,


Holding me,
Drowning me,

Covering me in iridescence.

Liquid metal slips up my calves,
Up my thighs, hips, lies,
and sinks
Into my skin, my muscles, my organs,
Deep into my core, corroding my door.

Everywhere I look, everything is running silver,
Mirrors flow and engulf me as I try to float.

Naught of a way out, only gray in my mouth.

A warmth doth touch me, pull me, drag me,
And I gasp in the newfound air around me.

A hand drenched
In corrosive poison
Is attached to my chosen.

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