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by jonewe
Rated: E · Fiction · Fantasy · #2216736
The story of the young Demon Loki continues.
The group covers each other's' backs as a group of mutated dogs surrounds them.

"You don't suppose you can communicate with them, Varena?" Loki asks jokingly.

"I am afraid not, Loki." Varena replies with her shield up.

"Time for some grilled dog!" Fai shouts excitedly. "Give me a call when you guys are ready!"

"Okay, go!" Greg shouts. Loki swings his sword, Greg thrusts his spear. Alongside Fai, they conjure flames which burn the dogs.


The dogs yelp in pain. They then rush at the group, but the group use this chance to attack them. After the two groups disengage, they continue to stare down one another. Loki and his group are fine, while the dogs have receive injuries.

"Okay, team." Greg speak as the dogs stay away. "Let us use this chance to recuperate."

Loki thinks back to before the encounter. The group sensed a group of monsters approaching, but could not make out what it was. Luckily, he was skilled enough to make up it was carnivorous. Varena, on the other hand, picked up the smell of multiple lifeforms.

"Oh ya! They would teach them to mess with us!" Fai's excited shout brings Loki's thoughts back to the present.

"Let's give them the finishing blow, shall we?" Greg says as he takes an offensive stance, spear raised.

Loki looks to his blade, and then shifts his attention back to the dogs.

Fai, Greg, and Loki prepares for a large scale fire spell. Varena stands aside and remains on standby for a melee. The flames summoned by Loki and the others burn some of the dogs. As they panic, Varena charges up and kills one of the burning dogs with a slash. Greg and Loki follows behind, killing a dog which attempts to attack Varena while she was open.

As the other dog stare at Loki and the others, a wall of flame appears. It prevents the dogs from continuing their assault. The group jumps through as the flames open up, killing two more dogs.

The other dogs growl and turn away and leave. Greg rushes at it and Fai fires off a bolt of flame. The flame stuns the dog, allowing Greg to land the finishing blow.

With the beasts dead, the group start carving up the bodies.

"Did we really need to go that far?" Loki asks as he takes store away one of the organs from the corpses.

"It's fine!" Fai says while doing the same.

"You really think so?" Loki stands up, his voice raised as he speaks.

"Calm down, Loki." Varena says as she and Greg got closer to Loki.

"They made the choice to attack us!" Fai stands up as well, her voice raised too.

"We could handle them without killing so many of them." Loki stands his ground.

"So they could go out and kill others?"

Loki looks away, gripping his hands.

"Loki, if it makes you feel better," Varena walks close to Loki. "Don't forget, my clan has close ties with animals. I can assure you, those monsters have lost most of their intelligence. They are mere monsters who are harmful to everything around them."

After collecting all they can and burning the bodies, the group continues on their excursion.

The groups remains on guard as they travel. Loki looks to Fai, who surveys the forest. He then continues to look around.

Soon, Loki picks up another group of presence approaching. "Varena." He turns to her.

Varena proceeds forward. The group stays behind, with Loki still trying his best to keep his focus on the presence of the group. After a while, Varena comes back to the group.

"Smells like a group of monsters. They don't exactly smell like mammals."

"Well, ladies and gents?" Loki turns towards the group.

"Hel ya!" Fai replies excitedly while Greg replies with a calm "Let's go."

The group sneaks towards the presence and finds a group of mutated mosquitoes. Despite being insects, they are as big as humanoids. They hide and prepare their ambush.

Fai, Greg, and Loki casts a combined flame spell. It takes out some of the mosquitoes, setting them on fire. The mosquitoes soon disappear out of sight, leaving behind only loud buzzing.

The group huddles around one another. As Varena seem to move towards the buzzing, Fai casts a spell on herself.

Varena manages to cut down one mosquito which seemingly appeared out of nowhere. Fai isolates herself and uses a flame spell to burn up a mosquito that tried to sneak up on her.

Greg blocks an attack with his shield and thrusts his spear into the mosquito's head as it is stuck. Loki deals the finishing blow with his sword.

A mosquito manages to sting Loki as he is distracted.

"Argh!" Loki shouts in pain after the mosquito sinked its stinger into his back and start sucking his blood.

The group tries to kill the mosquito, but it manages to get away in time. It disappears from sight once more. Varena tries to keep track of its movements while Fai focuses/ Greg gets to Loki's side to helps him up.

Amidst the buzzing, Loki stretches his hand, which glows. As he does so, Greg moves to Fai's side.

As Loki's hand glows brighter, Varena shouts while pointing her sword at a spot. "Fai, there!"

"Burn, insect!" Fai shoots out a ball of fire with Greg sending his Od to her. The mosquito appears out of seemingly nowhere and manages to dodge the fireball. It then disappears from sight.

"Wait for it." Loki mutters.

The buzzing stop and the mosquito appears out of nowhere, bursting into flames as it does.

"That was one hell of a spell, Loki." Greg says.

"Not the safest, but it works." Loki replies while wiping and sheathing his sword

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