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by Raven
Rated: E · Short Story · Sci-fi · #2216743
A young girl has uncontrollable fire powers.
The fire shot from her hands uncontrollably, tears streaming down her face as the turned and turned, around and around, burning everything around her. She screamed until her throat becomes sore. She was surrounded by the flames, her flames. Her golden eyes shone bright reflecting the flames as they grow taller and taller. People running away, grabbing the children that once stood beside her, running for their lives. When she tried to aim her hands to the ground some outside force, forced her to raise them back up the once red flames turning blue. She falls to her knees all strength seeping from her being as the fire stops flowing from her hands.

She looked around down at her burnt clothes, the smoking coming from everywhere, the fire surrounding her, the kids crying and the people closing in on her.

“Stay back!” She yelled at them clasping her hands to her chest tightly.

“We’re just trying to help you,” a boy who looks about the same age as her said softly his hands up showing he means no harm, “Let me help you.”

Breathing heavily, tears unyielding as they slide down her face, she stumbles back shaking her head pulling her hands closer against her. A man comes up behind the boy his hands in gloves, on second glance the boy’s hands are in gloves too.

“Don’t come closer! Please! I don’t want to hurt anyone else, please,” she cries to them. She watches as the man says something to the boy, too softly for her to hear over the roaring flames feeding on everything around them. She locks eyes with the boy, her eyes pleading, her heart racing and breathe ragged. He comes closer, and she crawls back, getting closer and closer to the flames.

“Let me help you,” he says again softly reaching a hand out to her. She shakes her head choking on her words, she looks from his gloved hand up to his light blue hair and golden eyes. She tries to move away but she can’t, something keeps her rooted to this spot a whimper escapes her. Their eyes lock once more and without realizing it, she stands. Their eyes shine brightly and the fire around them slowly eases and dies, she gasps turning her head as the fires disappear. She looks down at her hand in his and quickly pulls hers away, looking down she turns away.

“I don’t know who you are or what you did but, thank you,” she speaks softly, wiping the tears from her eyes as ice shards fall to the soot-covered ground and she turns to face him.

“Don’t run, please,” he says looking at the ground where the ice had fallen. She steps back flames leaping across her fingers as she watches him, her whole body tensed and ready. He watches her hands closely meeting her eyes with his, they search each other’s eyes for a moment before the flame playing on her hand goes out once more.

“You have to control the fear you feel, it’s connected to your fire, all your emotions are,” he speaks softly his voice concerned and wanting to help. He looks around and sees a crowd forming and speaks urgently, “We have to get you away from here. I know safe places that only a select few know about, you have to come with me or these people will kill you for what you’ve done.”

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