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A boy finds himself in the presents of the Boogie man
I remember falling asleep on the eve of August
Sweat dripping down my face onto my pillow
Something mysterious lurked underneath my bed
When I looked all I could see was red
Red smothered on the canvas I call dark there in front of me in crystal clear 3D
It was not wet, and didn't taste anything like metal
It wasn't what I expected it to be
In my dreams that night I ran from boogie man, he didn't do what I thought he'd do
smother his hand in the ash he had reaped from the graveyard last night, waiting until I went to sleep
to my surprise he had a smile on his face that extended from the sun to the moon
uneven it may have been, still he looked like he could have been my friend
He had a dark frighting face, but I didn't mind, it was a nice change of pace
His teeth though were white, brighter than you might think
They were softer than a butterfly wink
I asked him "are you going to eat me?"
he said "no, these are just dentures meant for show, they wouldn't hurt a fly, you should know,"
He looked to the sky and started to squint, eyeing an innocent firefly
with his pointy fingers that look like spider legs he gently grabbed the bug
he puts the fly in his big mouth, his teeth wiggle like jello
"See" he says, "I can't even kill this bug, what makes you think I am going to kill you?" he says as the firefly gleefully flies away
"I don't know?" I say. "How do I know you don't have something up your sleeves?"
The winks at me and says something I cant understand, with a giggle and a grin he summons a rock to sit
"this is all I can do," he says "my powers have not matured, I was only born yesterday, I haven't yet learned to boogie, my family would gobble you up in an instant, but I'm not like them," he says "could you teach me how to boogie?"
"No," I say "I don't know how, just like you, I don't know how to dance,"
"What a shame," he says as he pulls his hands out of his coat "I quite liked you it's a shame you have to go so soon," he says as he looks up to the sky. "They found me," he says "my family! Run or they gobble you up,"
Without any hesitation I start to run...run...run....ru......r.......I wake up with a jolt, this twas only a dream, it's I had to go.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2216748