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Just don't sneeze...

“Oh no!”


“This is not good.” Carla thought as she rushed to her bathroom. She began to fumble through her medicine cabinet, knowing she had to act fast before she had to sneeze again.

A mystical and invisible entity, she knew the Sneeze Thief was always lurking about in the shadows. In association with the Grim Reaper, they worked in tandem. He steals your sneezes and eats them, to be regurgitated later to force his victims to sneeze uncontrollably. If one sneezes more than seven times in a row, they died.

Carla trembled at the idea.

Items fell from within the cupboard and down into the sink, clattering, as she desperately tried to find the allergy medicine.

From inside the living room, she heard a noise. Her eyes widened, pupils dilated, as she closed the bathroom door without thinking.

He was already here.

She felt another one coming on and she couldn’t contain it. She buried her face into the pit of her elbow and tried to make as little noise as possible.


Footsteps were just outside the door, now.

Panic began to set in further and she backed herself into the half-bath, concealing herself in the shower by closing the curtain as quietly as possible.

The bathroom door crept open, giving a gentle creak . Footsteps crept towards the shower; Carla began to hyperventilate. Curiosity invited her to peek around the curtain. She was compelled, but in her mind, she was thinking, “I’m afraid to look.”

“Carla?” a voice called.

The sweat on her brow became cool as she breathed a sigh of relief. It was only her boyfriend.

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