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Imaginary story today told in 1950s/60s speak. In slang, Google if you need to. Grin
Getting older is super cool
Hey Daddy-O it’s the living end
We’re now just too cool for school
Everythin’s Copacetic Man, just hang loose

When I first met My old lady, a blond bombshell
I thought, far out, absolutely fab.
Don’t wear no foam domes this babe
A real classy chassis, prime paper shaker, just outta sight
I’m gonna have it made in the shade

Said Ring A-Ding-Ding, let’s burn some rubber
Show you the submarine races at the ol passion pit
Maybe play some back seat bingo

Then this dip stick, a real wet rag
Decked out like he had a Hog ,a real tool
Claimed she was his squeeze

I said, Hey what’s your bag man, get bent
Dude if you Cruisin’ for a bruising
Gotta knuckle sandwich ready for ya
Ya better shag ass and beat your feet
So he blew the scene

That was a Big Tickle, she gave him the bird
She said gimmie some skin, I did

Yessireebob, That was the start of it all.
Our ankle biters now have ankle biters
Can you dig it?
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