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by K.HBey
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Earth planet will be one continent because of the apocalypse.
In this third October 3500, this blond man is sitting at his office. With a thoughtful glance towards a large glass window, his blue eyes bear both anxiety and fear. Fifty years old, this smart gentleman remains both elegant and slender. His sight is projected over there faraway towards the yellow stone. Jimmy is a meteorology researcher. He is a climate expert.

"Dad I miss you a lot," this is the last sentence heard in his smartphone.
Indeed his daughter Engel calls him every day. With his wife, he leads a life in Montana where Sandra oversights a bridge project. They meet each weekend. Thoughtful, his features denounce his melancholy.
"Would I see them again?" He asks himself.

Being in a public symposium he says, "America will be transformed into just a tectonic layer. Our continent will disappear."
The entire crowd is shouting all together. They ask, "when will this happen and why?"
"America will know a catastrophe soon. Earth's planet will become one continent which is Antarctica. According to our predictions, this could happen now or in two months probably", he responds.
"That is why the entire American population should leave to Antarctica quickly", he adds.
Emily is a woman in the audience. She wears a fur coat and a golden bracelet. She seems a wealthy woman. Her fair complexion and her blue eyes shape strict and severe features. With her rude voice and arrogance, she asks, "Professor Jimmy, how can the full population leave at the same time?"
"Government has established a moving program", he replies.
"How can we leave Professor"? She asks again.
"My colleague and engineer Robert has conceived under sea subways."
"Each dock around America is equipped by many subways. There are enough available places. Indeed the government has taken all the needed measures to cope with this catastrophe", he adds.
"When should we leave, Professor"? A man in the audience asks.
"The moving program is operational starting from next week", he replies. "Women and children are first to leave", he adds.
"You will find all the commodities in the subways and be aware that the trip takes two hours from North America and four hours from South America", he adds.
All the crowd leaves with both anxiety and fear. Their future becomes uncertain henceforth.

Being in his office Jimmy meets Robert. Robert is an electronic and car engineer and he is the one who has conceived the subways. Robert is also a great artist painter. He has always been inspired by Picasso.
"I have finished the last control of all the subways", Robert says.
"The closing door system is compromised in ten subways and we have no more last time to repair them", Robert adds.
"But we need these too," Jimmy replies.{/i
"I have conceived another magnetized system concept that I hope it will be compatible with the previous one and synchronized with the programming computer set up that still functions with the ancient concept," he adds.
"You should be fast Robert," Jimmy responds.

George enters the office.
George is from Italy. He still preserves an Italian look. He is chunky and somehow nervous. George is an elite. He is a great water researcher and earns many titles and merit badges. He believes in the thermodynamic theory of water temperature Entropy. He thinks that temperature undersea is submitted to pressures changes. It is also linked to a certain variable linked to the degrees of salinity. He is the leader of the metro travel company with Jimmy and Robert as collaborators. His mission is to assess the itinerary of the subway from any turbulence.

"Frowning his eyebrows and with a piercing glance, George says, Antarctica will not be sufficient for all American citizens. As you know my friend Jimmy, the African, Asian and European left for Antarctica decades ago for the same reason."
Jimmy replies, "I am afraid too, planet Mars is quiet ready to bear human beings. But there are not sufficient spacecraft items."
George says, "We have not enough time. People should start to leave soon".
Jimmy replies, "Indeed! Have you assessed the entire itinerary? Is there any turbulence?"
George replies, "We are in winter and the first itinerary of North America will see some turbulences without great effect probably. I hope so".
George adds, "I am afraid about the last part of the itinerary too. There is volcanic golf there. It can emerge at any time and jeopardize the full traveling program."
Jimmy asks, "can you find another alternative itinerary?"
George replies, "We have no time. This is the only way. The itinerary is somehow safe despite volcanic golf. The last time the volcano emerged was ten years ago. But I cannot warranty anything".

"Dad you will not come with us", says Engel.
Jimmy shows a great smile to his daughter when his heart is tearing apart by an immense melancholy and he says to her, "Lovely we will meet all together there in Antarctica. We will play in our wide garden there to hide and seek. We will spend more time together with your mom. I promise you."
He hugs both his wife and his daughter and kisses them warmly. Her wife cries when she listens to the last sentence of her husband Jimmy that says "I love you".
They both leave in the subway catching the heart of Jimmy.
The subway looks like a crystalline tube and in it, all the commodities allow to someone to do a pleasant trip.
There are divans that function like beds at night. Tables function like cupboards. All are made in white ceramic and decorated with tangerine coral. Golden filaments are perceived inside the ceramic.
The subway has been conceived by Robert. The subway concept has been created by Robert who has been inspired by the great ray fish.
It is surrounded by a magnetic field so that fishes are disoriented and cannot approach it. It contains an inner electrical halogen system that lights the entire subway.
Sitting near her mom, Engel is amazed to see a myriad of different fishes, starfishes, and multicolored stones.
"Mom, look at this shark, it is coming towards us", she says when catching her mom from her arm.
"Don't worry dear; we are well protected in this subway. Sharks cannot get access to us because the subway is wrapped by an electromagnetic field, her mom says."{/i
At night the subway constitutes a unique luminary in the abyss of the ocean darkness.
Sandra and Engel are sleeping when suddenly the subway is shaken fiercely.
They wake up suddenly.
They listen to the driver's voice who says, "Do not worry it is water turbulence in this area. We will slow the speed and go forward safe again."

It is seven AM when the subway returns to the normal state.

All the population leaves. Just Jimmy, Robert, and George remain in Washington. One subway lasts to transport them to Antarctica.
"Jimmy, look at there," George says.

Jimmy says, "Unbelievable, a huge amount of grey cumulus nimbuses cover the entire sky. Trees are shaken fiercely too".
"Do you hear this?" Robert says.
"The wind is howling from afar in this deserted area. It announces the arrival of the storm," George replies.
"A lugubrious ambiance is set here indeed", Jimmy replies.
Jimmy shouts suddenly when the earth starts to tremble under his feet and says, "Hurry up my friends, it is an earthquake".
Then he continues, "Engel where are you? I am coming to my dearest."
Jimmy starts to run towards to subway.
The earth shows wide cracks that engulf without any mercy any passenger.
Unfortunately, Jimmy sees both his friends Robert and George grabbed and entirely engulfed by the earth. He achieves the subway and arrives narrowly to close quickly the doors and drives forward. The subway is shaken first then it follows the itinerary normally.
Jimmy takes a short breath when he notices that in his hands remains a dried rose offered by his daughter Engel. He feels ambivalent feelings. The more he is happy to be safe and that he will rejoin his family, the more he is sad because of the loss of his both friends.

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