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In which I introduce you to the High King of the Land of Entirity
Corwyn is a young man whose life started out ordinary (by Entirity standards). He grew up in Itallonia, in a cozy house just off of one of the canals threading through the city. His father was an important member of the local guilds and Corwyn and his family wanted for nothing.
Then, one day, his father and brother were murdered--rumors abounded that it was due to corruption in the city's governing body, but those rumors were quickly stifled. Embittered, his world crushed and everything he thought he knew turned on its head, Corwyn left the city. For a time he wandered, wondering what it truly meant to be loyal, or to crave justice. He made a few friends, had wild adventures with them (that's another story :D), and then one day happened upon a powerful truth... He was the bastard son of the First King.
Now Corwyn's life took on a whole new meaning. Once his identity was revealed, everything seemed to click for him. He would be loyal to his family and his people. He would bring justice where it had been obliterated. After claiming his birthright and using his newfound power to avenge his family, Corwyn proved to the land that he was no usual king.
Corwyn still loved to wander and get caught up in adventures, preferring to leave palace rule to the Second King and Queen. It was on one of these journeys that an old friend contacted him, seeking his help in ending a coming blight that could very well ravage the continent as it has not been ravaged in thousands of years.
First King Corwyn is about to meet Griffin King Jonathan and he's about to get the adventure he's craved his entire life...
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