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a poem about this corona virus and the controversy over what works, lives are at stake
Who do we trust
In our time of need?
A leader that lies
to avoid self defeat.

Is science always the answer?
All humans make mistakes.
What about God, no one can see?
Whose success rate isn’t all it might be.

Seen via microscope,
deadly proteins ravage life.
Fascinating creatures, cute on sight,
suck oxygen with superhuman might.

Watching our lawmakers
gives me no rest,
no fuzzy feelings,
irritation, even civil protest.

How does this all end?
Some will live on to know.
Others will perish, lungs too weak
to breathe on their own.

So pray, if that is your vibe.
Wash hands, keep away from your tribe.
Most of all, stay vigilant and smart.
We'll each be needed to do our part.

By Kathie Stehr
March 22, 2020
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