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Let assumptions be assumption but not the role it takes.
We think that patterns are significantly
So consistent that we think we know all too well.
Better than when we know people.
Some people don't like the fact that
they don't know people
especially as they are.
Sometimes, we give roles
or personifications to certain people so we can
easily make references as to
what that certain person might do, according to "their" that we give

We watch,
and we think we learn.
We think we see patterns,but we're making them up.

Long ago when there was dust, sand
gunfire, and a sherriff or two,
there was once a girl that
called herself Mary Jane
Quite young, she was, till she met
a ragged hobo,
and watching everyone disappear, that's the pattern for him,
as a ragged hobo, he just observes

When Mary Jane, saw as how the man lived,
she grew younger,
as a matter of fact her soul did.
Her soul grew younger because of that assumption
according to a familiarity she made from her past.
She saw the man and thought of Young Billy.
The little rascal of a child,
pulling her hair as they rolled by pubs
causing trouble,
it was what they were expected to do, it was their role, their pattern,
but they were much more than that.

Causing trouble,
just like prisoner Hardy.

Or at least,
they think they know what he is like.
Get inside his mind,
and feel not see for yourself

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