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When you hear a song, don't you think of some people whom you want to share it with?
The singer's voice told the story of someone
who smiles dreamily and dances as if underwater.
But that was the only thing I understood.
The rest of the song was lost to me.

I didn't heed the lyrics anymore, just the rhythm.
It was slow and soothing, like a lullaby.
So I pictured someone in my mind,
who smiles widely and dances alone.

I envision him dancing in an open field,
the stars' glow rival that of his eyes.
But I also see his arms outstretched,
as if he was dancing with an invisible partner.

The scene appears peaceful and serene,
and maybe to others, the man may seem crazy.
But it makes me smile.
He looks so happy, in the middle of nowhere.

His head is tilted slightly downward,
looking into the eyes of someone we can't see,
smiling at the partner who dances with him.
Maybe that's why he smiles and dances like that.
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