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When our hearts are filled with love for everyone ...life rejoices
Grandma was constantly asking me to help her out in the kitchen and I as usual was definitely not noticing her words. Who works with Grandma in the kitchen when you are only eight!.Now with that thought in my mind I continued playing with my Dolly👯 made from old socks stiched perfectly together and some screwed yet round buttons sewed as eyes by my grandma for me.We only had each other in our lives, living together in our one roomed hut in Haldia village.My grandma loved me immensely and so did I . But loving her never meant helping her out in the kitchen. Did it?🐒

I was still busy with the little thing when suddenly I heard a loud scream in the vicinity. I ran towards that direction despite of my grandma shouting out for me.

I looked around and saw nobody at the sight . My heartbeats had paced up by now because of my excitement to know what it really was with that sound. Assured after a rigourous search that there was nothing at all at the sight I took a back turn towards home with a heavy heart .
Grandma had been waiting for me with the meal .As I stepped inside I heard her say “ Why did you get it along?Wait right there!” As already sad as I was,I gave her a confused look whereas she was giving me an annoying one. As she headed towards me I noticed something by my left foot …a small white kitten with beautiful brown spots. Bewildered, I picked her up and understood what the screaming matter had been ,hugged that beauty tightly and before grandma could say anything I shouted wholeheartedly“ I will help you in the kitchen…I promise’’ she paused for a moment and then with a big smile hugged us ..and probably now I knew what love really was …

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