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This is a post that I wrote for Facebook. It is intended to point out selfishness.
An open letter about Social Distancing

Note: This little rant is not aimed at anyone on WDC. I am putting it in my portfolio so as to get some opinions about it. I am posting it on Facebook. Anyone who wants to is welcome to post it on their favorite Social Media.

It seems that for whatever reasons that people have, whether it is skepticism, thoughtlessness or simply not caring about fellow human beings, some people are refusing to practice the Social Distancing guidelines that are intended to slow the spread of Covid-19.

It is a decent thing to do to stand back six feet from other people in a store or other public place. It won’t kill you to pass on a few parties. These things are inconvenient, but they are not difficult.

As for me, I would not want to think that my child or my older loved ones are no longer on this Earth because of a selfish choice that I made. Think about it. It is better to think about it now than after it is too late

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