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poem about what society expects you to be and act, even if that means hiding the real you.

The world we live in has expectations.
You are force to fit in with the rest of the population,
People are judgmental of the things you like,
We can't like the same gender,
we cant date the same gender,
we have to like the opposite sex.
That's what everyone teaches us to like.
They expect us to date a boy, or a girl.

Everyone that likes the same gender.
starts to hide from the world and try to blend
with the rest of us.
People start to hide their true selves.
scared of what the world would think of them.
Oh what a cruel world we live in.

Coming out as being
or anything else
is a huge accomplishment in our lives.
We start to thrive.
During the toad of coming out and expressing yourself
people are cruel.
They give you ugly looks or judge just because
you aren't one of them.
And that's the sad part of this
society. We judge to early which stops us
from having a chance to know them
as a person.

They see us as someone bad
instead of someone that is glad
to be able to tell the world their true selves.
We are the outsiders
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