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Confusing Conversation

Too Far = Winner - Flash Fiction = 1/28/20

A. So, this far - no further. How far is too far? This far?

B. You can push me this far.

A. This far? What about this far?

B. No, that is too far. No, that is not far enough.

A. Now you are confusing me. That is too far, this is not far enough.

B Well, watch me. See the line? That is too far. Now see that line? That is not far enough. You have to stay in the middle of the two
lines. Right down the middle of the two lines.

A. You sound pretty sure of yourself. Like you have this all figured out.

B. Yes I do. You can go this far, no further.

A. Okay. Because why?

B. Because the shortest distance between two points is a straight line.

A. Now you’re just being a smart aleck. This has gone far enough. How do you know this?

B. I’m just a smart crow.

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