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Kassy is a witch, and lives with her big family and her pet jackalope in a small village.


There were two weapons of great power. The black-blooded Scythe, and the light infused sword.The scythe was made from the black bones of a dragon that died on the island that never moves, this bone was then heated by the flames of a blue Phoenix, and crafted by moon Elfs, then cooled in the blood of a hundred nightshade fairies.The sword was made from a Pegasus horn, heated by fire of the dragon of the clouds, crafted by light Elfs, and coolied in the pond of sirens.These two weapons were the most powerful ever seen, and were only owned by the Elfs, who never used them. A man seeking power, who's name was lost to history, took the Scythe.

The Elfs were unable to stop him. For the man had lost himself to the weapons power. He stayed hundreds, turning anything that was in his path to dust, destroying hundreds of villages.

Everyone blamed the Elfs for making such a weapon in the first place. The king of the Elfs took it upon himself, to use the sword against the Scythe. Their battle lasted three days, and three nights.The sword and scythe were declared too powerful. But with no way to dispose of them, they were left to hide them.It is said the Scythe was hidden within the caverns of the trolls, were as the sword is hidden among the Phoenix's nesting grounds. Both places, are difficult to enter.

There are some who have tried to find these weapons, all of who were unsuccessful. Yet always came back with stories.It has been nearly 700,000 years since they were hidden, but nothing stays hidden forever.

I yawned and looked out the window of my small room. A jackalope was pearing in. I grinned, and opened the window, "Looks like my brother left you out again."

She jumped in, and landed on my bed. I petted her head between her horns, "Have you been a good girl Rosemary? Cause I'm gonna give you a treat."

I leaned over the foot of my bed to grab the bag that was hung over it. I opened it up, and took out sunflower seeds, Rosemary's favorite.She took them gratefully, and munched away.

I laughed, then closed my window, and got out of bed. I got dressed into a pretty adventures dress, which was brown with a sunflower pattern at the bottom. Then I put on my brown boots.

I looked in the mirror, and saw my messy long light brown hair. I took a brush, and brushed out my hair to it's usual state, of being fluffy and wavy. Now that I could see my face, I could see my blue eyes, and tan, freckled face.

I grinned, and headed downstairs after letting Rosemary go down first. I ran down the stairs, and saw my mother cooking breakfast. I sat at the table with a *poomph*. My mom handed me a plate of pancakes and bacon. I dug in, and my mom tapped my head, "Not yet, you have to wait for your siblings."

I groaned, "But they never get up early!"

My mom laughed, "Well then, if they don't get up in five minutes, Kassy can have all the bacon!"

She said this loud enough for the whole house to hear.There was the sound of running footsteps on the stairs, my mother chucked as my four sisters and six brothers, as well my Father rushed into the room. My dad walked over to my mom, "Good morning."

He gave her a kiss, then got some coffee. All my siblings sat at the table, and got food. We all ate breakfast, then got up to do our daily chores. Rosemary, followed me as I went over to care for the horses, "Oh hey Rosey, want to help out? Or are you just going to watch me?"

I started giving the animals water, and Rosemary watched me as she sat on a barrel. I laughed, "Just watch it is."

I finished my chores, and decided to finish my painting I've been working on.I ran over to my studio, with Rosemary on my heels.My art studio was filled with plants, lights, dream catchers, wind chimes, and quite a few other things to help with inspiration.I put on a paint covered apron that used to be cream colored, and got to work.I sat on a wooden stool, and looked at my painting of a red dragon in a cave.I smiled, and added some blues and greens to the walls of the cave.Rosemary tilted her head and watched me as I painted.

//The moon Elves kingdom

"Sir! The black-blooded Scythe has been removed from its resting place!"

The tall, long horned Elf stood, "Are you sure of this?"

"Most definitely sir, the trolls are in chaos from the people who stole it."

The king frowned, "Do you of who did it?"

"Unfortunately we do not, they were wearing hooded capes sir."

The king hummed, "Tell the other Elfs, they must know of this. I only hope we are not too late."

I finished my painting, and admired it, "how much mana you think I could get for this Rosey?"

The jackalope tilted it's head, then thumped it's foot five times. Then it's eat twice."Five hundred? Maybe if I'm lucky."

I smiled, then picked it up, and wrapped it in a special material that would prevent ripping or tearing, "Let's go sell it."

Rosemary hopped up onto my shoulder, and we headed out.

I walked around my village, passing by all kinds of people. Among the average people, there were Neckos (cat/human) knights that come to visit, I even saw a few dwarfs, I swear I saw a forest Elf turn a corner. My village is popular for its potions, almost everyone in this village can make them, including me.I noticed someone who was moving in, he was a boy, about my age, looked like he worked on machines, I could tell by his clothes and goggles on his head. I walked up to him, his hair was a brighter brown than mine, and his eyes were hazel. He turned to me, "Oh hello there, do you live here?" Then he saw Rosemary, "Nice jackalope by the way."

I nodded, "My house is over there." I pointed to it, "And thanks, her name is rosemary."

He nodded to Rosey, then looked at the house, and whistled, "That's one big house."

"I got a big family."

He noticed my painting, "What's that?"

I showed him the painting, and his eyes went wide, "Oh wow, that's amazing!"

I grinned, "I'm selling it for five hundred."

He hummed, "give me a sec." He walked into his house, then came back, "I only got 450 to spare."

I frowned, "475."



He laughed, and gave me the money, I gave him the painting. He tipped his head to me, "Thank you, I can hang this on my wall. It looks kinda plain right now."

He waved, and walked into his house with the painting. I smiled, "Now what can I spend this on?"

I looked around, and saw someone selling paints in colors I didn't have. So I walked over there to buy them. the man saw me, and smiled, "Why hello there, you want some paints?"

I nodded, and picked out the ones I needed. I was debating over a can of mint green and forest green when I overheard a conversation.

"I heard the black-blooded Scythe was stolen."

"I thought it was just a myth-"

"Don't say it's name, it's taboo!"

The three men, looked around to see if anyone heard, then whispered quieter.

The man I was buying paint from huffed, "Kids these days, spreading rumors."

I hope they aren't true.

I took a can of outright white, forest green, and ruby red, then headed home. Rosemary's nose was twitching.

Once I got back home, I headed back to my art studio. I put the paints down, and walked over to where the canvases of all sizes were.

I took one that was 20 x 15 (in)

And put it on my easel.

I hummed, "What should this one be?"

Rosemary gave me a red feather, and I smiled, "Phoenix it is."

I started with the base color of red, then added a few oranges and yellows.

I smiled as I painted, every stroke was precise. It had to be perfect.

Rosemary watched me till she got bored and hopped away.

I gave the background a sunset to complement the colors of the Phoenix.

I was about half way done, but I had to stop and let it dry so the next few strokes wouldn't mix.

I got up, and looked outside, I had been painting all afternoon.

I took off my apron, and walked out of the studio. Before I got back to the rest of the house, the guy from before stopped me, "Hiya."

I turned, "Oh hey, nice to see you again. Need something?"

"Well I was kinda wondering what that little house was, if you don't mind me asking."

"That's my art studio." I smiled

"Oh cool. Would you mind if I looked at it?"

"Meh, why not? Just don't steal anything."

He laughed, and I led him over to it, "what's your name anyway?"

"Oh, right, sorry, I'm Tyler."

I smiled, "Kassy."

I opened the door.

He looked around, "Oh wow, reminds me of my bosses workshop back home, only full of art instead of blueprints."

I laughed, "Where are you from?"

"Ever heard of the mechana city?"

"Ya, but I've never been there."

He smiled, "It's an inventors dream. Everything is mechanical."

I smiled, "Sounds interesting, I'll check it out sometime."

He noticed my painting, and smiled, "This looks good."

"It's not done yet." I sat down in front of it. It had been a while, so it was mostly dry. I started painting more.

Tyler sat on a barrel, "Do you mind if I watch?"

"Not at all."

//Within Mt.Volcronia

There was the sound of chains clicking, and dragging on the floor. A blade the color of obsidian scraped across the walls. The large Phoenix within the Lava raised its head, "Who's there?" The man came into view, his eyes bloodshot, his hair messy, his teeth in a wicked grin, "Hello firebird, I'd say it was about time you died for real."

had finished the painting, and looked back at Tyler to see he had fallen asleep, with Rosemary in his lap. I smiled, and poked him, "Hey, wake up."

He blinked open one eye, "What?"

"I'm done."

I showed him the Phoenix, and he grinned, "Wow, that's amazing."

He got up, and Rosemary woke up, then jumped off. I stood back, "How much do you think it will go for?"

"I'd say about eight to nine hundred."

"That much? It's not that good."

"Ya it is, professional artists aren't even this good."

I laughed, "If you say so."

The ground rumbled. Tyler steadied himself, "What was that?"

"Probably came from Mt.Volcronia."

"The active Volcano!?"

"It hasn't gone off in years because of the Phoenix that lives there, I'm sure it's nothing."

Tyler looked doubtful, but didn't say anything more.

//Next Day

I woke up the next morning, with Rosemary asleep on my feet. I smiled, "Well, since it is now against the law for me to move, I'll stay right here." I laughed.

Yesterday was pretty cool, I became friends with Tyler pretty quickly, and I finished that new painting as well. I usually never finish a painting that fast. Today was when I was going to sell it. I frowned at Rosemary, and tried to gently wake her, "Hey, I need to get up, can you move please?"

She stretched and yawned. I grinned, "Kay good, now I get u-"

She walked up to me and layed down again in my stomach. I sighed, "Rosey...." Then I laughed.

"Welp, guess I'll have to do this the hard way."

I picked her up, and she kicked the air in protest.I put her on the ground and I got up. She cleaned her paws as I walked out the door of my room. It was early, so not even my mother was up yet. I took some bread, and cheese. Then headed out. I ate as I walked over to my art studio. Some people say I spend to much time painting, but hey, I get money for it. I smiled, and set my bread and cheese down. I was about to get another canvas, when my easel fell. I walked over to it, and saw a leg was broken, "What!? How!?"

I looked at it, and found bite marks, "Stupid mouse." I growled.

An easel is expensive, especially if you want a good one. Time to break out the savings jar.


It started raining while we waited. Tyler opened up an umbrella. Then he grabbed my shoulder, and pulled me close, "Now we won't get rained on." He smiled. I didn't mind it much, but I wish he had asked first. I watched the rain fall, then heard footsteps. I turned my head to a black wolf with green eyes, and a green stripe of fur on its back from its head to tail.

The wolf sat down next to us, and also waited. I watched it, "Hi little guy."

It looked up, "Hello big human."

I gasped, "Oh, sorry."

He laughed, "It's fine. The name's Echo."

"I'm Kassy, and this is Tyler." Tyler looked over, and grinned, "Oh wow, a werewolf."

I tilted my head, "Werewolf?"

Echo nodded

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