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Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Erotica · #2217190
In the very first episode of the 18+ FE gals, lissa gets stuck in a doorframe.
Hey you, yeah you, the perv reading this. What you’re about to read was a very embarrassing experience for me, and if you tell ANYONE, I’ll make sure my next prank involves making you feel pain, k? Good.

So, I woke up today, completely normal, right? Well, it was. So I put on my...you know what? Why don’t we skip that part. Anyways, I was getting dressed as I looked around the room and thought about the perfect prank to pull. I’d put some growth powder on the chairs of the dinning hall. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Liz, why would you do that, isn’t it lewd?” Well, I didn’t think that at the time, y’know. It was different then. So anyways, I get dressed, and head down to the dining hall and put the powder onto the seats where most of the other girls usually sat, though I knew they could change spots so I just did most of the seats. Now, I should’ve realized then that I did my own usually spot as well, but I was caught up in the euphoria of a REAL GOOD prank. So, I go back to my room, to prepare for breakfast. I eventually decide to wear a simple outfit, since it was going to be just a normal day. I then head off for breakfast, giggling at my own prank as I come across all the girls shifting in their seats, exactly what I wanted. I took mine and soon noticed a tightness in my underwear. I decided to rush my breakfast and hurry off from the scene as the girls were filling their chairs. The biggest were surprisingly all the dragons, the mages, the other clerics, maribelle~, and the weird girl calling herself meriom. What do you mean I said maribelle~ weirdly, maybe you’re weird, y’know that? Anyways, I went to my private quarters, and began to walk through the door when, suddenly, my butt grew! And it wasn’t just a little either, It got massive. So, y’know, at first it was a slow growth, my underwear and pants getting a little bit tighter as you could hear my butt slowly fill out. Not a very pleasant experience. But then it started getting huge. My underwear ripped and-it was just a really bad idea. I don’t know why the red head mage that lives on the grand balcony wanted me to write about this, but I have a GREAT prank planned for her!
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