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by Marti
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my feelings after being off site for over a year.
Here I am back again
why do I leave like this.
without writing in my life
something is simply amiss.

I have so many words in my head
some that actually speak
they tell me what I need to say
in a way that's simply unique

People say I'm good as can be
That a talent I do possess,
That is to say I can rhyme the words
Better than all the rest.

Of course I know they are lying
For others are as good as can be
But its fun to pretend and believe
They all stand and cheer for me.

Understand, writing is something I do
No one can tell me it's wrong
And it's me telling the words in a way
That makes them almost a song

Now I'm not a master of the word
Can't say I don't erase
But I do find pleasure in writing a poem
And as you read, I'm watching your face.

Maybe as the words pour from my heart
You will read with an open mind
Send a review but remember
For the sake of my heart be kind.
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