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Three soldiers on an important mission
As the three of us emerged from the water, we could see the building not far ahead. I was the highest-ranking member of the team, so it was my job to lead my men to complete our mission without taking any casualties. We hunkered down behind a small rise in the sand and assessed our situation. It was Andy who spoke first, keeping his voice low.

"I think we should split up and come in from different directions."

"No," I said, "We stick with the plan and stick together!"

We checked our weapons and ammo and started moving carefully toward the enemy position. Seeing no sign of life nearby, I motioned for the others to wait while I crept in close to get a quick look through one of the lower windows near the door. The glass was cracked and dirty, but I could see well enough to know that there was no one near the door. I moved back quietly to the team's position to report my findings.

"There's nobody near the door. Let's move in. I'll go first. Andy, you stay to my left and Paul, you stay to my right. This could get dangerous, men. Be ready for anything."

Moving carefully but steadily toward the door, I made my way up the few steps to the door, carefully moving my hand to the latch, when suddenly, there was a voice coming from some trees off to our right.

"Jimmy, you and your brothers had better not track any sand into the house. We have to clean it before we go home tomorrow. And don't you dare take those water balloons inside!"

The mission was a failure, but still, it was the best vacation ever!

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