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by K.HBey
Rated: E · Fiction · Activity · #2217250
Sandra has presented a new bridge material and want to win the competition.

Sandra projects to create a new bridge concept. The idea is to use clean energy or natural material. She thinks that the best material is bamboo. However, she thinks that she should strengthen it by using the iron.
Today many civilian engineers come with a new bridge material concept. Sandra so wishes to win this year. Indeed last five years she did not succeed to earn the golden cup and the first place.

The jury is in front of participants. Andrew is the headmaster of this tour. He is the first civilian engineer to conceive a new matter that is clean and safe for the environment and economical. The matter is a mix between iron, wood and natural rubber.

With a severe attitude he is the first to take the speech. He first drinks some water from the glass in front of him then he starts to talk:
I declare open the new bridge material innovation for the year 2000.

Sandra is the first to demonstrate with full engagement her project and says,
"I believe that this material is safe for the environment. Also, I have made many kinds of research about it."
"Why have you chosen Bamboo?" One member of the jury asks.
"I think Bamboo resists to high pressures and it is flexible. Also, it is not expensive."
"Have you got the plan of the bridge?" He asks again.
"Yes of course", Sandra responds.

Many engineers present their project and at the end, one name is announced who is: Christopher Bull.
Sandra's dream becomes like a mirage in the sand.

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