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How one day the moon discovered there were others out there.....


the moon has given me so much,
even provided the dreams of days and nights
and such. her sheer pull upon the twice daily tides
so powerful that you'll full well realize
huge amounts of water race through an inlet's mouth
finding its way home slightly to the south
and into the arms of awaiting Mother Sea ...
she makes good company with the Sun most days
these two stopping to take time to discuss
the tables of tides that keeps one of them
so busily, for the moon is a satellite sibling
to many others in a distant sense, but Earth
will take any adopted, wayward child she can get.
And the moon will remain there to see the Sun off
on her way home each evening to her distant
watery grave, the furthest waves froth forth foamy,
billowing mist-filled sails paying their respects
to the Queen Orb who splashes her way in her final
moments, illuminating her bed in which she endures
le petit morte until awakened once more.
the moon takes notice that she is alone now,
the sceptre of space is handed over to her as she
grasps it and recites the magic incantation for
the stars to come about, shine through the myths
that was spread about them, the garden variety
stories behind so many of them, and who cares if
constellations won't fit their patterns some
ten thousand years from now? Cultures do that too.
Last night, the moon wore slippers as she shone
her Light upon the lagoon out back, her sliver
shape so silvered, so slick and she reminded me
of someone's smile long ago, but whom did it
belong to? I honestly don't know, but sometimes
when she waxes super ... or is tinged with blood ...
or with coppery hues and imbued with other-worldly
spirits, one thinks of the writ of others some
centuries ago, telling us what portends to the end
of days. But that is okay seeing that if night reigns
forever, there'll she be with her ruling sceptre
surveying an aurora's ghostly realm, or watching
meteors rain, their different color streaks plainly
indicating that what remains on Earth is found
above as well.

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