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When arriving at home, I was greeted with a smelly skunk at my apartment hall entrance
Yesterday was bad luck for me in the middle of the coronavirus era. As soon as I opened my car door I could smell a skunk nearby. I looked out of my windshield and could see plain as day a skunk in the front of my apartment entry. I quickly closed my door and headed to the office to report the black and white smelly critter. The leasing office said that the skunk was sighted and there was nothing they could do. Then she told me to go to use the back entrance to get into my apartment.

I thought that was a good idea except the skunk was at the back when I was, and then traveled to the front where I was again. Leaving me out in the cold on a cloudy Friday afternoon. Ah, at least the office was open with a maintenance staffer. I knew I had to get to the phone and call them when the skunk ventured downstairs and I zipped upstairs to my unit on the middle level and got behind my door unscathed. When in my own apartment finally, I called the apartment office and told them that the critter was at ground floor in front of the mailboxes for some time.

Apparently, the skunk could climb down a half flight but could not climb up the stairs to escape as the maintenance man was on the scene soon after observing it. During this time he called away the postal lady to not deliver yesterday's mail because of an encounter with the skunk there. The maintenance man called in for help with the other 3 or 4 men from different dwellings. It took 2 hours for them to be rid of the smelly skunk. I saw out of my front window how they barricaded the front entrance with a vehicle up on the sidewalk. I saw how they used a long metal pole of some sort.

Soon after a two hour ordeal--wella--the skunk smell was gone and the men and vehicles were gone too. I took a big breath of fresh air in and said ah. I was gasping before from the awful scent of the skunk even though he didn't spray here in my outer hallway with stairs leading to the parking lot. I'm just so grateful those men knew how to resolve the problem of smelly skunk stuck on ground floor in my apartment outer hallway. I'm stay-at-home if I can get to my home that is. I had to do some tricky calculating with the skunk to not get sprayed--I'm ok.
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