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Something bigger than any of us in the way of our lives...
Just think-We have only been three months into 2020, and we were just beginning to make a lot of plans for events, activities, and whatever goals that we’ve been itching to do…
But then, something happens that falls everything apart; a brand-new virus has just appeared, and it became as contagious as ever, forcing all our lives to be grounded to a halt. Sporting events canceled, as well as movie premieres, screenings, TV show tapings, and filmings…Well, EVERYTHING had been grounded to a halt once the pandemic had been declared. Believe me, I am just as numb as everyone else is, our lives suddenly stopped while our future has been tainted by fear, both social, economically, and otherwise.
Yes, a pandemic has gotten into our way into the fabric of American life. And yes, we are scared witless, as well as worried about what is going to happen next for all of us.

But then I ask this: How do we respond to our own fears? How should we respond to our own disappointments? Most of all, how would we ever respond to our own sadness?
I haven’t had the slightest clue as to how to answer these questions. But every one of us in on this very same boat, and with us on that same boat, I suppose that we do not have any choice but to fall on our knees and pray, pray very hard. We must all pray a prayer that the Lord God would get us all through this most incredible darkness in our lives.
You see, prayer just happens to be the most powerful weapon that we have, in fact, the best weapon in all of mankind. You see, whenever we face hard times, or loneliness, or even sorrow, the best that we can ever do is pray. And right now is a very difficult time, and difficult times call for very important measures. That is why prayer is so very important, and we all must pray that we get through this crisis while we ask God for a quick end to it. At the same time, we also hope that another crisis would not ever get in our way ever again.
We could wish with all our hearts that this crisis would ever go away; But since we can’t, the very best that we can do is pray. And to keep on praying.
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