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Maybe you will be surprised to find your favorite person, Don't like him (her) so much.

You want to feel it, The effect of electromagnetic waves on yourself. Please try to do the following seriously:

1. The most basic premise, The body is of standard size, a little toward thin. In order to achieve this type of body, eating habits need to be more pure. Generally, white rice and whole wheat bread can meet the required nutrition. Fruit, eggs, seafood, a small amount every day, need to persist for 6-7 years.
2. Empty the bedroom where you sleep, it is best not to put anything, including the bed. Especially electrical appliances, Include lights, turn off the phone.
3. Alone in the house.
4. Turn off the main power switch of the house.
5. Your own private car, away from your home, more than 5 kilometers.
6. Your favorite person, A gift for you, Put it in the microwave.

If you can do the above at the same time, Persist long enough, You can feel the effect of electromagnetic waves on yourself, The effects of electromagnetic waves on children and the elderly are deeper and greater.

Maybe you will be surprised to find your favorite person, Don't like him (her) so much.






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