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Rated: ASR · Poetry · Romance/Love · #2217460
An expression of finding a soulmate and falling in love.


The love I never had, warm arms and sweet kisses.

Hot nights and hazy mornings on the beach beneath the sunlight.

You are my peace of mind, my piece of heaven here on earth.

My avenue and boulevard where I take my strolls.

You are my dessert, my fine glass of Kendall Jackson.

My afternoon delight, you whet my appetite.

You are my cognac with a twist of lime, that beautiful bottle of Rose'.

You are my orgasm, my constant foreplay.

My constant distraction and my instructor of meditation.

You are my love of a lifetime.

My closet doors with no monsters.

You are my hiding place, my good and bad pain.

You are my broken heart, my shadow self.

My spiritual inspiration and demise.

You are my sorrow and my forgiveness.

You my dear are my sin and salvation.

You are my lover, my perfect secret.

You are my heartache on a sunny day.

My secret holder and best friend.

You are my boldness and my softness.

My understanding and mishaps.

My sweet blues, my melancholy feeling on Wednesday.

You are the rose of my special bouquet.

My life and my future belong to you.

You are my everything, my true love.

My once in a lifetime, my lightning that never strikes twice.

You are the tears on my pillowcase.

You are my perfect poetry.

My dear, you are my love of seven lifetimes.


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