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If the CDC cared about keeping us healthy, they'd be called CDP, "P" for prevention.
If the CDC cared about keeping us healthy, they'd be called CDP, "P" for prevention.
We must raise the FDA's subpar RDA's of vitamins to levels proven to prevent disease & debilitating conditions. Over 95% of people in America are deficient in vitamins/minerals.

It's no surprise that part of the cure for Corona consists of taking ZINC , which is essential for healing from viruses. But the CDC cut in half the RDA of vitamin pregnant from 120mg ,which should be (2,000 mg daily anyway) down to 70 mg. Yet 60 mg barely prevents people from getting rickets or arthritis, etc. 70 mg of Vitmain C daily does not support the needs of a pregnant mother, her developing fetus/baby.

I could go on about the other vitamins and minerals. If you have a blood level of below 60 for vitamin D, You are severely deficient. Vitmain D blood levels should no lower than 70, optimally at 100, Although CDC, WHO, AMA say it's 'normal" to have blood levels of 32!

This is malpractice. NO, it's more like mass genocide by fake medical news. Vitamin D prevents breast and colon cancers, and osteoporosis, But only when taken at the higher levels than what the CDC tells us to take. There are close to one hundred minerals the body needs to function best, And fluoride is not one of them. Several types of B vitamins are essential to blood and cardiovascular and pulmoary function. Then there are the suppliments that help heal and enable a body to absorb vitamins and minerals better, as well as treating underlying conditions that keep people from absorbing their vitamins/minerals in their diets.

Whe you see the evidence of how the CDC/WHO/AMA,FDA all pander to the United Nation's deceptive nutritonal guidelines, You now the CDC does not value your health. All their evidence is consensus-based, with no clinical evidence to prove any vaccine can be given credit for stopping the spread of diseases, Or creating immunity in anyone who was vaccinated.Over 95% of people who were vaccinated do not have any antibodies to the things they were vaccinated for!

Vaccines do not work. Nutrition and supplimentation with vitamins/minerals/suppliments does As well as hygeine, sanitation, and food prep and storage safety. In fact, there are tons of documented clincal studies proving the benfits of vitamins and suppliments at the higher levels recommended by Functional Medicine doctors, Naturopathic doctors, Holistic pratitioners, even some cancer treatment centers, that have I.V. infusions of vitmains and minerals, which has a much higher proven cure rate than that of chemotherapy.

Chemotherapy has never been proven to cure cancer of any type. It's just sheer, dumb luck by killing off a huge amount of blood cells, protiens, all the nutriton in your body, in hopes the cancer dies too. This is why so many people become sicker during and after chemo. Cancer develops immunity to the chemo, and it returns being harder to kill. Which is why every time someone gets chemo, they get sicker, the cancer gets stronger.

Fluride is another dirty little Cold War secret weapon against good health. Fluoride is not a mineral essential to human health. Even toothpaste that is fluoridated is harmful to your health...and teeth. Fluoride causes demineralization of teeth, creates an inferior calcium matrix that is more prone to decay and disease. Read Christopher Bryson's book, The Fluoride Deception, which tells exactly how the Government needed a place to dispose of their huge stockpiles of fluroride waste from nuclear bomb production, and how they paid scientists to lie about fluoride's unproven benefits, making themselves rich in the process.

Bottom line?...The major players within the CDC, along with other big government and globalist bureaus, don't want you to be healthy. It's all smoke and mirrors, a disingenuous act that gets you to follow their deceptive recommendations. Wake up. Educate with non-CDC/WHO/U.N./AMA affiliated information to empower yourself.

One last thing...The CDC's paid puppet mouthpiece, Dr. Anthony Fauci,said the treatment of Azithromycin and Hydroquinone amd ZINC would not cure CORONA. But that treatment is saving lives and curing hundreds of people by the day. And it's thanks to President Trump approval ofthis treatment for CORONA patients, as recommened to him by intelligent, independant researchers and physicians not those like Dr. Fauci who are in the pocket of Big Pharma.

Support Health Freedom, not CDC Socialist medicine.
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