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A short story about spring.
The little seed nestled in her warm spot in the ground awoke and yawned. Her long sleep was finally over. With a stretch, she was surprised to see that her little shoot was much longer than when she had settled in for her long slumber.

Oh, how wonderful it felt, pushing, stretching, feeling the packed soil loosen its hold as her little shoot saught pockets of moisture. The Earth felt so warm and cozy, yet something kept driving the little shoot upward.

The tiny shoot, tender and frail, was not deterred by the March wind that swept across it. Brave and bold, stronger now, as it reached higher still. Beams of golden sunshine caressed it lovingly, beckoning it to keep pushing onward.

Soon, leaves graced its slender form. Leaves that captured replenishing drops of rain, guiding it to the roots shooting below. Leaves that felt so wild and free as they fluttered on the warm breath of Spring.

In no time at all, the tiny shoot stood mighty and tall. Upon its head, a colorful blazing crown unfurled its ravishing beauty. Bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds all sought to lite upon her petals.

None can compare with the scarlet red of the fragrant daylily that she had become.

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