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Not much done only 6 pages but still its a start right?!
She Too Had A Love Story

Mia Huber

When you fall in love, it is like a temporary madness. It erupts like an earthquake, and then it subsides. You have to make a decision. You have to work it out whether your thoughts become entwined with each other. That it’s cogitable that you will ever sunder from each other. This is what love is. Love is not breathless, it’s not excitement, it’s not the desire to mate every second of the day. It’s not lying in bed at night imagining that he is kissing every inch of your body from your mouth down to your toes. I’m telling you some truths, for that being in love in which anyone can convince themselves that they are indeed in love. Love itself is what is left over when being in love has burned away. Doesn’t sound like fun does it, but love is a whole different world than you can imagine.

As the church bells rang, the glass pane doors opened to the sound of the choir singing halleluiah, Janelle’s grandma and mom and dad sat in the front pews, as she walked down the aisle Mychael had tears trickle down his cheeks, as the vail from her bridal gown flowed behind her in the wind. As her father stands to get the flowers, Boom! Janelle wakes up and looks around, as she frowns knowing that it was all just a dream. Janelle decided she finally wanted to meet her father, she has always though he was some ugly army actor guy. But her mother Kathleen Rivera knew that wasn’t what her father was. Her father was a famous American cook, who is famous for his tacamolieas, a Mexamerican food. That was a famous food in Amchester Parus. Janelle has worked at the Golden Mile Marbella Resort in Amchester Parus. Kathleen knew that Janelle's father has always wanted to meet his daughter. Kathleen hasn’t seen Triston Maury in years until she walks into The Water Taverns Restuarant. There and then when she looked up at the tv there she saw him, for the first time in years on a famous American cooking show. The last time she had seen Triston was 4 ½ years ago when they made love in the Golden Mile Marbella Secret Suite.

Janelle walks into the kitchen and says to her mother “hey mom I know I’ve asked this before but who is my dad, and why doesn’t he ever come around?” And Kathleen just stood there and sighed because she knew that lying about Janelle’s father was a horrible idea, but Kathleen made an oath to god and to her mother that she wouldn’t have sex until marriage, but she did not keep her promise to her mother and god, and if Janelle would have found out she would never forgive her mother. When Janelle Gardenia Rivera was 12 years old, she’d always been taught that a flower is like her virginity, and that her great grandma had her put a pink flower in her hands and then had her crumple it up, and then said “try and make the flower as it was before”, but Janelle could not put the flower back to the way it was, and her grandma said “that is what happens when you have sex, so DON’T do it!” On Janelle's 18th birthday she had a giant birthday party at her grandmother's beach house down by the beach. They were interrupted by a beach cop, and to whom Janie did not realize that it was a real cop, thinking that it was a prank stripper, so she grabbed the gun and shot it at the ceiling. Soon after she realized that he was a real cop, and the neighbors had made sound complaint, all the screams silenced, as the party was shut down.

Later that evening after everyone had left, but beach cop, Mychael had stayed a while at the house, and they hit it off quite nicely. On Janes 21st birthday she was going to have the best night of her life. *knock knock* Jane walks to the door and opens it as her handsome Mychael stands there with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, and says “are you ready?” Jane responds “let’s go, but first mom put the flowers in a vase of water, Thanks Love you, bye” As they walk down the side walk to the car, hand in hand, they look at each other and start laughing. As they come to the car, Mychael opens the door for Janelle. They drive off for their date. As they come upon the Water Taverns Restaurant. The Limousine driver drops them off at the entrance. They walk through the doors, and they both say, “wow this place is gorgeous.” as their waitress comes around the corner, and says “welcome to the Water Taverns Restaurant, Follow me to your seats.” As Jane looks up at the beautiful Chandeliers, she is blown away by the restaurant. As Janelle and Mychael come to their booth. they sit down and look at the menus and decide what they would like for dinner and order a Janes first drink as a 21-year-old. While they eat, they catch up with each other, on how janes day went, as they were just talking away, they lose track of time and before they know it, time has flown bye, and right as they get to leave,

Mychael stands up and gets down on one knee, and Janelle starts crying and says “yes, yes, yes I'll marry you,” In which Mychael replies “ well you have to let me ask you first, Will, you, marry me?” and which Janelle replies “YES!”. The next day Jane went to her advanced writers' group, at the Croner Building on campus, when meeting with her advisor, she discussed her most recent novel additions, and revisions. She then went on with her day. Later that evening Mychael got accepted into Police Academy, so they decided to go out for drinks to celebrate all Mychael’s accomplishments. Later that night when getting home late from the bar, Jane see’s MRI scan results on the kitchen counter, and takes a look at them, and the patients name is Mychael Pryer, and that they were from a week ago, and that he has been diagnosed with stage 2 Melanoma Cancer, and tears start running down her face. She wonders if she should confront him about it or wait and see if he says something to her about it. After a restless night, Janelle wakes up at 5 am and brews up a pot of hot tea. While waiting for the tea to brew, Mychael wakes up. From behind he puts his hands around her waist, and she turns her head as he gives her a kiss on the cheek she blushes, the pot starts simmering as it finishes heating up. As Mychael pours them a mug of tea, Janelle stands up and runs to the bathroom, and feels sick, and realizes that she had made the biggest mistake in her whole life. Jane had sex before she was married. Janelle sat by the toilet as she had rummaging thoughts going through her mind, like if she’s pregnant. As her thoughts are spiraling out of control, she hears a knock on the door and then Mychael saying “babe you okay, what’s wrong?” As she stands up and flushes the toilet, she opens the door and replies “yes I'm fine, just not feeling well, I think I had to much wine last night” and chuckles as she walks down the hall. Later that morning, Janie and Mychael went for a late morning run, as they are running, Jane collapses on the sidewalk, and next thing she knew she woke up in an ambulance. As she becomes more aware of what going on around her, she says “babe what’s going on” and then before Mychael could respond, her pulse starts racing, and Jane becomes unconscious once again. As they arrive at the hospital, Mychael could tell that jane was fighting to keep her eyes open. As doctors are trying to get her hooked up to all the different machines, she become aware enough to say “ i’m pregnant” and closes her eyes. The doctors look at Mychael and say “did she just say she’s Pregnant?” and Mychael replies “she can’t be, we haven’t had sex.” An hour later, Janelle becomes fully conscience, as Mychael sits across the room, with an expression of confusion on his face and says “Jane are you pregnant?” and in which she replies “do you have cancer?!?” In which Mychael says to her “how did you find out about that?” in which she follows “don’t answer my question with a question!” Mychael then realizes that a week ago when he got his results back, he was thinking about how to tell jane, and then got paged to an investigation at the beach. Mychael asks Jane “you saw my results didn’t you?” and which she says “yes I did, and I wasn’t going to ask you about it, I was going to see if you’d be honest with me and tell me you have stage 2 melanoma cancer.” and to he replies “now back to what I asked you, Are You Pregnant?” and she says “i don’t know” Mychael storms out of the room with rage, thinking that jane has cheated on him because he wasn’t honest about his cancer situation. As Jane lies in the hospital bed thinking to herself what she is going to do about the possible pregnancy, also how her and Mychael are going to get through his cancer. Later that evening the doctor comes in and gives Jane the results of her tests. She came back negative for pregnancy. As the doctor said you are not pregnant, tears ran down her face as Mychael kissed her on the forehead and said “I'm so sorry, for assuming the worst.” As Mychael and Jane left the hospital, they walked out, hand in hand with each other. Mychael opened the car door for Jane and then they headed home. When Mychael and jane got home, they made a late-night spaghetti dinner. The next morning
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