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A poem for kids about how you can have friends of various kinds. Your pals are different!


How would it be
To share honey with a bee
A buzzing black bee
By the sea?

How about saying hi
To a little butterfly
Which flutters by
Or would you ask why?

Would you say I shan't
To read a story with an ant
Maybe an ant in a red pant
Or would you sit alone and rant?

Might it be nice
To eat rice cooked with spice
Then covered in ice
With many mice?

Would you shout ugh
To give a bug
A large hairy bug
A tight hug?

I think it's fine
I would like to dine
With a bee eating honey
When it's rainy or sunny.

I would wave and say hi
To any size of butterfly
Flying by
In the blue sky.

I'd love to read with an ant
In an old or a new pant
Maybe a book about a plant
I'd never say I can't.

I'd say yes in a trice
To eating rice cooked with spice
And wrapped in ice
Sitting with squeaking mice.

All of these friends are great
Everyone is unique
I'd proudly call each one my mate
It's their friendship I seek.

There's no room for hate
Not one I would call a freak
They are either short or tall
One is big, one is small
But I don't care and love them all.

Singing loudly thru a mouth or a beak
Smiling in fun when we speak
Holding each other by the wing or hand
We'll always walk together, a merry band.

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