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It had nothing to do w/ COVID- It's about targeting pro-Trump base to gain trust of Dems.
It had nothing to do w/ COVID-19 stay-at-home orders...The real reason Sheriff Chad Chronister targeted
@rhowardbrowne (at twitter.com) , is becuase of the pastor being in The Daily Beast's own words, "β€”an ally of President Donald Trump" , that's a HUGE offense. Sheriff Chad Chronister is huge libtard. And made promises to his Dem cronies and donors to uphold their Dem ideologies and agenda once he got reelected. Hillsborough Sheriff Chad Chronister has filed for re-election. He's bipartisan alright, if by that you mean a traitor to the Constitution. He's heavily courting anti-Trump Democrats in a county the sheriff acknowledges is trending Democratic.

It's obvious Hillsborough Sheriff Chad Chronister has his priorities in the wrong place, his head tucked up his arse. He issued a warrant of arrest for a local Florida pastor who supplies over 1K families weekly w groceries & personal items. The pastor has been telling his congregants if they feel sick to stay home, and for all in his church to practice handwashing, no hand-shaking, etc. But Sherrif Chad Chronister arrested Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne for violating the stay-at-home order that clearly violates the Constitution. Chronister always wants to "help" Illegal aliens. Guess it slipped the good sheriff's mind that the Constitution gaurantees the right to assemble for religious purposes.

Another fact, Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne has installed several XXL capacity pharmacuetical clean-room grade air purifiers which kill any airborne viruses. He didn't have to do that either. And when you realize the air quality at the River Church in Tampa, is cleaner than that of most doctor offices or hospitals, or grocery stores? Sheriff Chad Chronister has no excuse except that they he is targeting anyone who is supportive of President Trump. And it makes you wonder how committed the good sheriff is to attacking anyone that is pro-President Trump, just to appease the Democratic voter base.

Chronister has also used public money to boost his name recognition during this reelection year by putting his name on around 1,000 patrol cars and other vehicles β€” even including a warehouse fork lift β€” at a cost of about $15,000 misappropriated from the tax payer's purse. Someone needs to arrest the Sherrif himself, not violating the rights of pastors who are helping to provide shelter from the emotional and financial storm uring times of crisis.

Why hasn't Sheriff Chronister issued arrest warrants for the large construction crews who all share the same Port-o-potty, then head into town restaurants? Because while most buildings are taxable, churches are not, and that also pisses off Sheriff Chad Chronister. Sheriff Chronister needs to repaint those vehicles he personalized with his more fitting moniker, "Chad Chronister,RHINO for Hire "
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