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Try Emptying a shelf for the news to embrace
Try caring for your health, for yourself with no grace
Maybe try focusing your iris on the fact, the disgrace
This ain't a rant about the virus, it's a rant about the race
Our kind is the smartest but the "est" is just fading
The evolution is continuing but the devolution is degrading
The virus is a test and congrats we are failing
Cause The fear of becoming "selfless" is unavailing
But the fear of becoming "less than" seems to top it all
If we keep lessing the thans, eventually we'll fall
The fool who tries to object with no clue
To get wrecked by the news, to neglect all the truth
The aspect of the fool is correct and very true
Because let me tell you, that fool is deemed you
You think you do alright because the problem isn't here
And the "here" means your property, your house. That's your fear?
You should realize that "here" isn't the distance or the girth
If it's for instance deemed existent, then here is deemed earth
So sitting on the couch solves the problems for now
But if it took a move, you'd ask how? And if it took to disprove you'd do thou
If it took a turn, you'd be sad, but if you can prevent the turn, you say you can't?
If the virus is corona you can be tested negative for sure
But if the virus is our minds then make a quarantine to be secure.
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