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Those who are frustrated with shelter in place who have been abusing their pets.
As one who has volunteered at shelters and worked with animals plus having three cats of my own, I beg all of you no matter how much anxiety or fear you have, please do not take it out by screaming or abusing your pets. I've heard that there are people who are doing this. This is so wrong. How would people like to have others screaming and yelling at you?

They are only reacting to "our" fear and anxiety.

I can't stress enough that they are scared too. They can perceptively feel what we're all going through. I've noticed this through the body language of my cats. They are sensing that something is not right.

They are feeling as anxious and fearful as we are. Some may not think so but take it from someone who works and socializes pets hours on end. THEY DO!

It may help some feel better by venting but it will make your pets feel worse and most likely to the point of them getting sick from the stress that people may be putting on them.

Love them, cuddle them, spoil them rotten but PLEASE, PLEASE do not yell at them. Then need our comfort and love as much as we need theirs.

Stay safe, wash your hands, mask up, social distance and be kind. #STAYSTRONG!


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