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This describes why it is that there cannot be more than one gods of love.
To create division, one must believe in human beings as gods. This would make the human being the one who is seen to provide, over the Christian God. Though, it would, as well, make two humans who can provide, in competition with one another.

Love cannot be of two or three, or four, or a thousand, or infinite in number. It cannot be, because that creates the opposite of love, which is fear. Love and faith do not divide. It is fear that divides, because among what love represents, it is not something that can rip apart union. It represents oneness, and for there to be two gods to represent love, erases that oneness. It turns a whole mirror into shattered fragments.

Fear divides, not faith nor love, because fear is the emotion that creates limitation among the human. Call a human a god, or a provider, because he or she acts in terms of practicality, then you have created division. That is because when the human is seen as a provider, though does not provide out of love, they become the manipulator. They inevitably become the ones we see around us, more-so in the 21st century, who believe more in profit over guidance.

Love guides, and love is honest. Most of the world's problems could be avoided through the responsibility it takes to be honest.

And, because there cannot be two gods of love, the only thing to understand from this is that the Christian God is the highest God. This can be factual, even to an Atheist. Unless Atheists have renounced both God AND love, then they should understand at the very least that love is the emotion most fought for to be eternal. We should act, out of genuine care, not because we can profit from another's misery. As the very highest God, the Christian God to represent love, would represent eternity.

To repeat, for there to be two gods to represent love, would be a direct promotion of fear and division.

What originates division? It is believing that humans are better suited to care, as mere humans, not as Godly humans. Division originates when we say that humans are those who create "realer" approaches to care, rather than love. Yet, all that creates is the most realistic of things we've ever known. Hell.

Poverty is Hell, and war is Hell. Yet, both things are very profitable for business.

A God of love would not be the one to place a person in Hell, as much as even ignorant Christians will state this. Humans act according to being human, and they are the ones to place a person in Hell, out of satisfaction and hunger to see them suffer. If God represents love, then He wouldn't represent fundamental human desires, being those like appetite and corruption.

Does the scientific world prefer more "realistic" methods of care? Then, it will inevitably create the profit and dishonesty that divides, and creates a very quick end to humans. People are weeded out when they do not follow the correct shepherd, it seems, and this is the competition where division thrives. Shepherds competing with shepherds, that is.

Are we soon to say that division is a good thing? That, among the lack of genuine care in the world, division rules? That, we should normalize this, and never extinguish it?

What causes a person to want to die, due to internal torment? It cannot be because of a disease, nor because of abuse, nor anything else. Their desire to give up must only come from the loneliness, from the lack of any genuine heart nearby.
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