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Treating the last trajectory of the virus
A Short note on the Coronavirus

The Pandemic of 2020

The inner core is solid because it is made of very dense, or heavy, materials - like iron and nickel. Even though it is very hot, these materials don't "melt" very easily, so they stay solid.
It is the same for the core of a virus which has its full load of infections on the outside of the bacteria which forms the lower part of the overall germ.
Its like a germinated sprout which has all its benefits on the outside of the main fruit but dangerous as it spreads very easily. And that’s what makes it very attractive for people to consume it in numerous dishes.
Today I am going to talk about the Coronavirus which has spread easily like wildfire in specific places but where at some other places has not quite been held responsible for the spreading. It did in high density population and crowded cities and it’s intensity lowered after have traveled on the oceans and when it reached land has lost intensity. But it regained its intensity on dirt and on dry surfaces while traveling to other lands.
But as it attacks several age category of the population, it remains a mystery of how they contaminated non traveler’s and old age resident users. Low immunity and sickly people are more prone to catch it. And even for those who have recovered nothing is yet final as no vaccine or medication has been proved beneficial yet.
So confinement is the key to prevent the succession of the virus to attack it’s host to death if symptoms have been noted.
Even if no symptoms have been noted prevention is better as contamination is easily responsible.
Cleaning desinfection and extra care of surviving the virus is best.
For me fire and a reversed type of the Coronavirus will be effective for it to ease and finally end it.
A reverse type of the Coronavirus is where another germ has its full viruses inside the core not outside. Bats and other animals have reservoirs of viruses and bacterias.
What is a virus? It’s an infective agent that typically consists of a nucleic acid molecule in a protein coat, is too small to be seen by light microscopy, and is able to multiply only within the living cells of a host. And a piece of code which is capable of copying itself and typically has a detrimental effect, such as corrupting the system or destroying data.
Who are the carrier’s of viruses permanently? Animals mostly. Because animals have the natural ability to fight it on their own!
The problem here is how to stop it or ease it in less than no time?
The Lay out of the Coronavirus

What noone knows is when will it reach its highest to be lowered! Because it’s continuing to jump!


This is my main curve of the virus highest death trajectory before it goes dying in the ocean
And that if it does that curve! Otherwise it goes back to China.
My research and predictions arrow are in black.
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