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The reward for being 'exceptional' is usually attached to a curse.
If you've seen the Nature of Things special you know about Takaya, the lone wolf of Discovery Island.

If not, he was a lone wolf that travelled (walked and swam) to the Discovery Islands and lived there for years, against odds and obstacles.
He left the islands around January of this year.

After being spotted in urban neighbourhoods in James Bay he was relocated to an undisclosed location.
Apparently, it was outside of Port Renfrew and not far enough away from humans.
Undisclosed or not, it didn't take long for humans to find him (and he to find them).

According to a tag identification, Takaya was shot and killed by a trophy hunter.
I heard some chatter on hunter forums discussing bagging him as a "prize" because he was so famous. From the moment they heard he had been relocated.

Now the 'word' is, Takaya was shot after chasing someone's dogs on a logging back road. Supposedly, he came after the dogs when a hunter was running them. A common practice we used to "walk" our dog out here in the bush in BC.
The man who shot Takaya has been subjected to death threats, social shaming and some have threatened to reveal his identity!
Not only does he have to deal with his own conscience, and knowing that it was Takaya and not just some random wolf he couldn't watch a one hour special on, but the ire of the public as well.

I was APPALLED to find out that it's OPEN SEASON on wolves YEAR ROUND!

Takaya dug his own wells for water on the island, ate seals and foraged food wolves usually wouldn't eat. Proving his smarts and his ingenuity. He did all sorts of things that wildlife activist and photographer Cheryl Alexander was fortunate enough to capture from a distance.
It truly, sincerely breaks my heart that his reward for being his amazing self was death.

The reward for being exceptional is usually attached to a curse. Some people hate you through green eyes, others want you; dead or alive.

Beautiful creatures join the circus, get trapped in a cage or hide alone in the wild.

*Cry* *HeartB* *Wolf*

If you would like to voice your support for the wolves you can use the wolf awareness website:

There are a few great organizations that try to bring awareness of "co-flourishing" with these animals instead of scapegoating them and forcing situations that result in killing and culling.

There's a full-length documentary about Takaya by the CBC which may not be viewable from outside Canada.
Here's a clip to a shorter documentary on YouTube featuring the same photographer that spent years with him:

Thanks for reading.
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