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A poem about not showing you true emotions
Society says you can’t smile,


Society says we can’t smile unless we are happy

Society says you can’t smile at someone unless you like them,

In a flirty kind of way

Society has numbed our minds to happiness

It says you have to be sad when someone dies

It says you can’t smile when remembering someone’s past life

Society says you can’t express any emotion that surpasses depression

Society doesn’t care about depression a frown is the smile of everyone

Everyone has a smile on their face until they smile and then

Society takes it the wrong way

Society says that we don’t understand depression,

Even though everyone is depressed

Society says we don’t understand happiness

Even though everyone is happy,

Hiding the truth from society,

Pretending we are fine when really we’re not

Society says they care

Though they don’t do anything to care

They can’t care it’s not in “plain sight”

We know it’s there,

We just don’t know where to find it

It is all masked behind fake frowns

And fake smiles

Fake personality


Fears of being judged

Fears of not knowing right from wrong

Or not knowing what to do.

If you hide who you are, your true emotions

Nobody will have to know

Nobody will know

If we keep hiding it,


Society will say

You can’t smile.

Until you frown

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