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Dentist pitches scripted ideas to patient

"Hey Ellie, I'll finish up here if ya wanna go ahead and grab some lunch."

"It's ok I am almost done besides it's 1030, Dr. Grant."

"Well, then I guess you get to lunch early. I will see you back in an hour, Ellie."

"Oh, ok um sure."

"Now then let's see what we got here. Open those jaws up real good and wide. Ok looks good so far. You have just a little build-up back here. Let's get rid of that pesky plaque, shall we? Let's tilt this back a little more."


"Yeah good ...so I heard you work in the movies. You're a director, right?"


"You know I have been toying around with a couple of ideas for a script."


"You wanna hear them?"


"Ok so..."


"Oh. Hmm. your head up so I can take a look in nice and close. Encountering some kind of tenderness are we?"


"This might be a bit uncomfortable, so try to stay still."


"Now just relax and stay just like that. So anyway, one of the scripts takes place right before the second world war. Nazis are obsessively searching for this ancient thing which is said to have terrible and destructive powers. Well, this regular seeming joe-shmoe teacher finds out and he beats the Nazis to the artifact. Then he uses it's the power to kill the Nazi thus making them lose the war. I have not decided on the main character's name yet. What do you think about 'Montana Smith'?"

"Eny-ana Owns!"

"What's that? Still a bit tender right here?"

"Ow, oww."

"Yep, yep. We have here the start of a cavity."


"Swish, spit and open up again. So the other idea i had for a script is crazy. It is about a creature from outer space that crashes lands and is found by this kid. Well, this alien being - or AB for short - starts getting ill because he needs to go back to his homeworld. But the government is trying to find them. So the kid and AB..."


"Now now, we are almost done. moment. There we go. Finished. You can go ahead and rinse then spit. So what do you think?"

"Feels a lot better, thanks."

"No, Mr. Spielberg, I meant about the stories."

"I don't think they are right for me."

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