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by blair
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a fan fiction for Hardcastle and Miccormick

(It was a normall day at gullsway for our team mark and milt as well as frank and Dan and ed were going over a file for a new case that milt and mark were gonna be helping the lapd out with the guy was Phillip Thompson he used young kids for his dirty work like stealing and anything els illegal he wanted to do. this one really hit mark he new what these kids went through trying to live on the streets that was hard enough with out some one trying to use you for there own gains. they were talking when a call came in for frank he took it) yea Harper (the call) Lt you are needed at the station we have a request for you at a homicide scene. ok I am on the way. guys gotta go a case I will be back soon. ok frank go ahead we will put a plan together and brief you when you get back. thanks. (frank went to the homicide scene and detective ed Bruce met him and they talked as they walked to the body laying covered up) what do you have ed a man found beaten to death whoever did it also left this that is why I called you. I think you need to see this maybe you now him. ok let's take a look at him. (detective Bruce lefted the tarp covering the body. and he instantly recognized him and it was painfull cause he was gonna have to break some hard news to a close friend. he to the detective) yea I now him is name is Sonny Day he was a hustler. and also miccormicks dad. ha no not the kid. yea thanks for the call I better go tell him before some one else does. yea hey give him my condolences to ok yea I will thanks Bruce. (frank headed back to milts place he had some hard news to give the kid and he new it was gonna hurt him deeply even now he and sonny weren't that close lately they were still family. he arrived and went in and by the look on his face milt new it was gonna be bad news. he to frank) hey frank what's going on. I was called to a homicide scene a little while ago there is no easy way to say this mark I'm sorry the dead man was sonny he was beaten to death. ha hell no frank. sorry kid. yea me to hey guys give me a few ok I need to take a walk. sure kid go ahead we'll be here if you need us. thank. (mark went down to the one place he always found peace the beach. he sat in his favorite place and looked out at the ocean. he was dealing with the news of sonnys death the othes all talked in the den) how frank. he was beaten to death this was left on the body I didn't think mark should see this right now the news is devistationg enough right now. he will have to be told frank. I now but now. yes he doesn't need to be blind sided later I'll take care of it. ok milt what ever you think best for him. (milt went to talk to mark he new this was gonna hit the kid hard but he never kept anything from him or lied to him and he wouldn't do that now he found him were he new he would on the beach looking out at the ocean it was were mark went when he was hurting. he sat down beside his friend a man who was like a son to him. they talked) how you doing kid. ok we wern't that close milt. hey don't try to snow me kid he was your dad you got a right to hurt. yea well I'll servive it. you need to see something and it's gonna make it wores but you gotta let us be there for you. what is it frank was hidieng from me. he was concerned for you kid he didn't want to hurt you wores. he's a good friend so what is it. there was something left with the body for you. ha what. this sorry kiddo. (the note was in a evidence bag mark read it as milt put a hand on his shoulder he new this was gonna hit the kid really hard.
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