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by blair
Rated: E · Fiction · Fanfiction · #2217826
a anniversary celebration for sentinel and guide

(it was a warm day in cascade the mcu was in the breifing room going over a new case when simon called for lunch break suddenly ronda entered with a catering lady and there were servers and all the food was laid out and simon to jim and blair) happy anniversary guys. thanks simon guys. you to didn't think we would ever forget when our favorit team joined up did you. you to have done a lot for all of us. and although we miss you to as full detectives we now that takeing care of cascades panther clan is a real job and you to working with us whenever we need you means a lot we just wanted to show you that your still part of the mcu guys. thanks simon this means a lot. so how is it going with the clan. good edwards is good as second in command to jim and david is just as good as my second. there really fitting in well to the positons. things are really good simon. and we miss you guys to. have you guys talked to mark lately. no he and milt have been working there cases but we are going up to see him at the end of the month and spend time with them. good give frank my best when you do. sure simon. so how are things here. some times I think about retireing everything is about politics these days. it get's to me at times. that is why we left it was getting to who do you now for us. yea these days it's who are you in good with and who is your enemy. it's not good to make enemeys these days guys. you to left at just the right time. yea well it wasn't easy to do simon but it was time for us to go. (joel) it must be nice to be your own bosses I wish I were. joel what is going on. simon hasn't told you to yet. told us what joe. the dept has desided to faze out. the mcu as of after the memorial day weekend there won't be a mcu we are all being reasigned to new units. rafe and brown are going into the homicide unit. I am slated for public afairs and meggan is going home simon is being forced into early retirement. with the budget cuts the dept feels we are obsolet not needed anymore. ha man sorry joel. hey you guys can come and work with us. how we would never fit in we are not sentinels or guides. who says you gotta be your good cops we could maybe form some kinda team unit combineing you guys and the panther clan some how let us work on it ok. yea sure. (another voice. I got a better Idea guys. hey criss when did you get here. I am here to make a offer to the panther clan and the mcu. the man we work for we call him the judge. he wants to form a unit useing the ATF and the MCU and the panther clan we would be working for ourselfs so we could deside on what cases to take and we would also be able to go were ever we are needed most. we thought sence cascade is mostly peacefull right now you guys might be interested. hey simon come here you gotta hear this all of you get over here. go ahead criss. thanks jim. well. (over the next hour criss outlined the deal they would have there own headquarters as a main base were ever they wanted and they would have say in all cases taken and how they wanted to work it. then they talked) but your ATF. no not anymore we had the same problem the mcu has we now work fully for the judge. so what about it are you guys all interested. you bet I don't like public relations and guys it's a chance for us to stay together under simon. I don't now criss is. we would share being head of he team simon you and me. then yes were do we sign up. all you gotta do is be at this address tommorrow morning at nine am. we will be there. jim, blair. we need to discuss it with the clan if they agree we will be there we can't leave there choices out. I understand. I hope we see you there tommorrow see you guys) criss left and the party lasted a few more hours and then broke up the next morning the mcu showed up and so did the panther clan. they had also agreed that cascade didn't need them there were four other clans already protecting cascade. they all talked as criss and the other members of the ATF unit came out. they all talked every one was intraduced then they got to bussiness. well were do we set up our main headquarters guys any ideas. I have one what about malibu they don't have a clan there and could use one. and we could work with the LAPD as well. I now frank would welcome the help the city is becomeing real violent. and I now mark and milt could use a hand to as well.
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