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Flash Fiction
How it Went

“Grampa, did you know you wanted to marry Gramma when you first met her?” Sandy asked.


“When did you meet?”

“We didn’t so much ‘meet’ as we lived next door from each other when we were born, so we always knew each other.”

“Oh, that’s cool!”

“Yes and no. I think the first many years she was more like my sister who lived in a different house.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, she was always around. She bossed me around all the time. She used all my stuff. She was a girl, so when we had a disagreement, she almost always got her way. Both of our parents tended to take her side.”

“Like with me and Jimmy...”


“But then how did you end up deciding to get married? How did you go from her being like an annoying sister, to being enough in love with her to ask her to marry her?”

“That was a long time ago...”

“So... what? Did you just fall in love with her one day?”

“Sort of.”


“Well, one day when we were about seventeen, we were out in the rowboat fishing. We used to do that a lot. Anyway, the sun was shining in her hair and she was laughing at something I said, and I said, ‘I wish everyday could be as nice as this one.’ And she said, ‘They could be, we could get married.’ So, we did.”

“And have the days been that nice ever since?”

“Yes, yes, they have,” Grampa said, noticing the door of the kitchen slightly ajar.

After Sandy left, Gramma came out of the kitchen, “Cute story, I guess I’ll feed you another day...”

“Well, I couldn’t very well tell her we met robbing the same convenience store in Dayton, Ohio, could I?”
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