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I know you can see this.
Sometimes I wonder why you come out during the night. Why do you like to sneak up on me in the happiest of times? It started slow and not that big of a deal. Then I would hear you scratching on my closet door. Why would you keep me up at night? How could you?

It wasn't that hard to ignore you. However, I would feed you and let you grow. Things seemed nice when I was kind to you and didn't try to ignore you. We would talk occasionally. You always liked to get into a deep conversation, even if I didn't want too. You forced me, and I was scared of you. We didn't talk that often at first, but then you wanted to every night. I couldn't say no, your eye's manipulated me. You were the most beautiful human I have ever seen, but I could tell you were from hell.

I tried to tell my mom about you when things got worse. However, you were smart and would always make things happy. So I would never get the chance to tell her. How were you so intelligent? I don't understand why you knew what I was going to do before I did it. Even though you confused me, I loved you with all of my heart.

Now I know who you were, you were just a masked man from hell. Someone who could never be loved unless they changed their appearance and dragged someone down with them. Fuck you. I don't love you anymore, and I never want to see you again. I made you leave, but I know you will come back.

For now, I am safe. I have a little friend in my pocket keeping you away. When she leaves I will have no protection, but that's okay. I believe I can handle you on my own.

You helped me though, so thank you.

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