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Adaline Darlington never had the perfect beginning nor would she have the perfect end.
Chapter One | The Crimson Video

The faint beat of a song could be heard down a long narrow hall.

A camera panned slowly towards the room at the end of the hall. Light danced with the beat through an open door. Darkness could be found all around but only the light that en-capsuled a young man in the room. He was lying on his right side with his hazel eyes glistening at the light of the large television in front of him.

A young woman's voice vocalized with the beat of the song and her reflection displayed on the man's hazel eyes. He blinked back her image. The young woman was petite in frame and her long lilac blonde hair danced around her hips. She wore a thin white gown with wooden buttons that lead down to her navel. Her thin but blushing lips sang out a tune as her doll like eyes with long lashes smiled with the hymn of the song. As she sang; she was depicted in a large light and airy house, walking down the halls, smiling and laughing as she grabbed a man's hand and pulled him.

The video then transitioned to her and a young man bicycling down a nature path with sunshine; her voice vocalizing in the backgroun ; this time the young woman wore over-sized overall pants, a hat, and cat eye sunglasses. Her long hair loosely tied in in pigtails. As the young man wore cargo pants, crew cut white shirt; with aviators and his black hair whipping in the wind carefree. His hazel eyes never left the young woman as they were both depicted speeding down the the nature way towards the sun. Her voice sang over them. Singing of belonging. Singing of believing. Singing of memories.

The image then panned over to the young woman in the pool viewing the city below. She was wearing a halo of flowers, picking up lilac colored lilies, and singing to them. As the image zoomed out to the young man walking slowly towards her. She was singing to him with love.

The hazel eyes that were watching the scenes began to blink back tears. A silent sob began to shake him. His black hair fell over his eyes. His tall body scrunched over in agony. His heart beat him in his chest. He began to sweat. Her voice continued to ring in his heart reminding him. Reminding him pain. The beat of the song began to slow. The music video began to fade. He suddenly stopped sobbing and squinted his hooded eyes shut.

"Soon." He's deep voice whispered. The camera panned out slowly from the room. As a bright flash of light and ear deafening bang was heard. The woman in the television music video ended with her up close to the screen. With her head on the young man's chest. As she reached up to kiss him. The music drifted away just like the light in those hazel eyes that were staring back at the television screen. As a grim crimson shadow haloed the young man.

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