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by nothnx
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just a quick intro of what I hope to do on this site
         I haven't written since that fuckface teacher in 11th grade gave me a D- for the best work I feel I may have ever done, but let's give it a shot:

         Maybe my problem is I try to be too poetic, too edgy, or too intelligent. It comes off ingenuine and quite frankly eye-roll worthy. So we are trying something different. A continuous train of thought that may somehow produce something readable. *insert witty joke about rumpelstiltskin spinning shit into shit strings that a super cool farmer with a niche sense of humor finds a use for*
         The thing is, I only really like myself when I write. I mean sure, I appreciate my cooking when I make something tasty, and I appreciate my eyes when I'm putting on mascara, but there's something so connected when I write. The voices of self judgement go away for a little while. It's therapeutic.
         Submitting it is something else entirely but I feel fairly anonymous so fuck it, let's give it a shot.

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