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Is it actually OK for you to be honest with people? To lay all of your cards out flat?
The question is, is it actually OK for you to be honest with people? To lay all of your cards out flat?

         Should you let your best friend know that they pissed you off?
         Should you tell your parents that they’re a huge reason for your anxiety attacks?
         Should you tell your teacher that reading allowed worsens your stutter?
         Should you tell someone that you miss them greatly, when you’re unsure they reciprocate?

Is it OK for you to do this or does it leave you too open? Too vulnerable?

When you fall madly, truly in love with someone, it’s often the case that you give them your all. You let them hold a piece of you, however big, however small. Whether that piece is the one that wakes them up with a cup of tea every morning, or moves to the other side of the world for their work, or goes for dinner with their family who just don’t agree that you’re right for their precious offspring.

You wake up in a morning and share a kiss over breakfast. You each head to do your daily tasks, be it cleaning or laundry or work or the groceries. You text once or twice when you see something online that you would both share a laugh at. Then you ask them about their day when they get home from work and you listen and absorb their energies, hold them close and allow them to understand that you will always be there for them. You laugh over a quiz show on the tele that neither of you are smart enough to actually compete in. You lay next to each other in silence as you each complete your work, or read your books. Then you fall asleep holding each other tightly, knowing that tomorrow is another day to repeat your love.

You spend your time off cuddled up to them. You watch them play their games, speak to their friends, live their lives. You create a routine and you watch each other grow with every lesson you learn. You each continue your own days, your own lives, watching each other from the side lines but coming in with a wave of support whenever it overpowers you. You share your secrets, whether it’s the one about the teddy you’ve had since you were a child, or about the darkest corners of your past.

Showing each other that you care, and feeling the love that you both radiate towards each other is the most beautiful connection that can be felt. But that doesn’t make you vulnerable. The vulnerability comes when you openly admit this.

So, the question is, is it actually OK for you to be honest with people? To lay all of your cards out flat?

         Should you tell somebody that they hold the key to your heart?
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