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April 3rd Prompt:  recall a person you did not know well (135 words, 34 lines)
April 3rd Prompt: recall a person you did not know well
(135 words, 33 lines)

Fast Food Crew
By: Lisa M. Gordier
(April 3, 2020)

Stuck flipping burgers
frying tacos and fries
In the bowels of
the fast-food hell

Death marches in
in the form of man
a child really
jumping into the fray

Exuding a presence
of fear and fright
no one would talk
to the figure before them
else to order things done.

He diced and he chopped
prep for the day
arbitrarily waving a knife
in the faces of others

The fast-food crew
kept him hidden
as he never did more
than requested of him

When his time ran out
he laughed with glee
leaving the fast-food crew
with a sense of relief
as he walked away

For the rhythm of life
returned to normal
once again flipping and frying
to the human masses

Stuck once again
in the bowels
of fast food hell
nevermore to rise

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