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Rated: 18+ · Poetry · Regional · #2217997
A Glasgow kiss is a phrase used in Scotland for a headbutt, blether means to chat.
The Glasgow kiss
is sure to find
you, lying there
in a bind.

Your opponent's
head, it, might hurt
but you're the one
in the dirt.

Your poor face
will surely ache
but don't continue
for pity's sake.

Don't mess
with a Scottish lad
take that advice
and you'll be glad.

But here's a message,
for them, that's clear
you must protect
what you hold dear.

Your, poor victim

might still be, able
to get back up
and turn the table.

Up comes their foot
in a place most brash
kicking your gonads
in a flash.

So, now you're the one
in the silt
wishing to god
you hadn't worn a kilt!

So why not, just get together
have a chat and a friendly blether.

To keep all precious, things in place
It's always best, to show a good face.

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