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Rated: E · Short Story · Dark · #2218001
A young girl wondering in the streets of London while another Ripper haunts the city.
A young bird wondering the lonely streets of London during a starless night. She just left a pub where she had rounds of drinks. But now she wonders down a filthy, rat ridden alleyway. Alone. Homeless and poor. But it's a dangerous time and place for a bird such as she to be alone in the streets during night. Why? Because another Ripper prowls through the night looking for helpless, lonely lasses such as she. He's already made his mark in the city. That is, leaving bodies here and there. Stone roads damped. Not from rain or mist but from blood. But she doesn't have a choice. She must walk these very streets.
The alleyway is silent and abandon and she feels alone and safe. But HARK...she hears the sudden sound of footsteps in the distance. Down in the dark end of the alleyway were she came from. She turns but sees nothing and the sound halts. But her instinct is telling her that someone is staring back at her. Warning her to run. She decides to shake off the eerie feeling and she turns back around on her way. BOOM! A cat has pounced a rat! The girl jumps and let's out a small scream. She speeds up her pace to escape this dark alleyway.
She hears, once again, those footsteps behind her. This time only a few inches behind. Her heart is pounding at her chest like it's trying, with all its might, to get her attention. Warning her. Telling her to run! She walks faster and the end of the alleyway is near. She sees a lamp post in the distance. She stares at it. Feeling that if she can reach that light she will be safe. She wants to look back, but she is too scared to turn. Swoosh! Someone swings open their back door. She screams and rushes to the opposite wall and falls. The light from inside the building falls over her like a spot light. To her right side, she hears the sudden sound of a cloth being swung. Like a vampire holding his cap and swinging it to his face to shield himself form the light. Silent...she hears nothing but the voice of the man who swung open the door. Her saviour. Would she still be alive had he not open that door?

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2218001-The-Dark-Alleyways