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A bunny is late to a gathering.
A drop of topaz slides down a strand of fresh jade. The quick white ball zooms by, collecting it. The fluffy thing moves so quickly that a trail of small rainbows follows behind. What's the hurry, you ask? Why, there's a gathering. And she's running late! Wet nose twitching in the crisp morning air huffs out little clouds as she hops as quickly as her paws can go. She hopes the other bunnies don't notice her absence, oh my, on such a big day too.

She sees the colorful mass of fur in the field and a surge of fresh vigor pushes her legs to go faster. She slows down as she nears the gathering and quietly slides around the others toward a big collection of baskets on the side. An older rabbit throws her a sidelong glance and her ears drop down as she cowers under the gaze. The older lady chuckles and returns her attention to the center of the group. Ava sighs in relief and hurries to pick out her basket. Lined with fresh linen as every year, a clear white radiates the sun's rays brightly.

She droops down even lower as she wiggles into the crowd. In the center is an assortment of colorful eggs, lined up neatly into rows of twelve. She hops to the sixth line and begins to gently fill up her basket with them. Her breathing finally slows to normal after the long run. She puts on a serious face as each egg is slowly lowered to rest in the embrace of glowing fabric.

Ava picks up her basket and heads over to receive her directions. She has twelve places to visit by the time noon arrives. And they're all so far apart from each other! She takes is a deep breath and readies herself. The white fluffy ball zooms off across the field, once again collecting gems on the way.

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